Locke and Key Showrunners Break Down the Crown of Shadows Attack Scene


IGN sat down with Locke and Key showrunners Cartlon Cuse and Meredith Averill to hear how they created the thrilling Crown of Shadows attack on Keyhouse. Fans of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s horror comic know the sequence well, and it was brought to life in terrifying fashion but with a fresh spin to make it a better fit for live-action. The scene sees Dodge use the Shadow Key on the Crown of Shadows to unleash shadow monsters that invade Keyhouse to attack Bode, Kinsey, and Tyler because they hold the enchanted keys that Dodge needs for her master plan. Cuse and Averill breakdown how they used storyboards to help conceive and execute the tricky scene.



  1. Pretty cheesy, acting was very average, writing is balancing between children show and mature audience so it has no solid identity. This show wasnt groundbreaking or anything it was pretty average.

  2. This show wasnt perfect but the potential for the next seasons is promising. Finding out how the keys were made, more about the door and the demons, getting more people to be these "key guardians", the undercover demons in their cirlce. Season 2 should be even better. I want them so spend more time explaining some of these keys too.

  3. I’m enjoying the show. I hope it turns down The teen drama because at some point it feels like Riverdale. Even though there’s some glaring changes from the graphic novel it’s still keeps me interested to see what they’re going to do with changes.

    Hopefully like with Stranger Things or Harry Potter as the kids get older they go into even more dark Territory.

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