Locke and Key Showrunners Explain Season 1 Ending, Tease Season 2


If you just finished watching Locke and Key on Netflix and have some burning questions about what in the actual heck just happened, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. IGN talked to showrunners Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill about those big twists and what this all means for the Locke family going into a potential Season 2.



  1. I'm hoping Ellie is still alive and the girl who got hit while the omega door was open can be saved, was starting to like that character, don't want them to kill her off in the second season

  2. I enjoyed it a lot , will rewatch and recommend … however there were some really dumb moments.

    Like taking he shadow with you. Or not using the control box music key on Sam. Etc. In fact there were a lot of these dumb moments.

  3. the directing choice to cut everything together was extremely confusing. everything else was predictable. i hope in season 2, you learn your lore so you can surprise your audience. I really like this show and want it to be more than sub-par. The locke's are too just too dumb sometimes–they never used most of the keys, even though they were all so well-established, and made extremely questionable decisions throughout the season. I get that they're kids but I mean, come on.

  4. Kinsey was irritating, it pissed me off she went with Gabe over Scot. Scot was only interested after knowing about the keys. It was all for the plot of the story I guess.

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