LOUIS VUITTON Spring Summer 2013 Paris – Fashion Channel


LOUIS VUITTON Spring Summer 2013 Paris – Fashion Channel

Inspired by the works of conceptual artist Daniel Buren and his graphic and disciplined approach to shapes, Marc Jacobs designs a collection developed around the concept of terseness and the sparse use of details and embellishments. This without affecting the evocative power of his fashion show and of the site-specific installation created in collaboration with the artist: imposing escalators coming down from a mirrored Mylar stage and landing onto a catwalk featuring the iconic damier motif which is transformed into an Op-Art work accompanied by a music remix. The rigour and math-like quality of the collection are underscored by the energetic use of colour employed to highlight abstraction, the purity of the lines and Marc Jacob’s transformative power, a designer with more than many aces up his sleeves. (from Vogue)

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