MAKING A $4,500 GUCCI SKIRT | @coolirpa


I recreated a GUCCI maxi skirt that costs $4,500 for way less money! #GUCCI #Coolirpa #Sewing

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  1. $4,500! I swear some of these luxury brands are just trolling the wealthy. Lol. I mean if you have the money and that’s what you like I guess. Just seems excessive to me.

  2. I used a similar method to make the red wedding dress from Beetlejuice! I only did 3 tiers but I wish I had done more! This technique would have been helpful at that time πŸ˜‚

  3. Thanks! It’s cute! Stash fabric can probably be used for this project. Thank you for the tips. A stable fabric makes sense for the underskirt. Hugs

  4. Wow, that's crazy that Gucci dress cost $4500….I like how you made yours but I prefer all the tiers to be one pattern for me though!!!! You should do a Hmong version of this dress!!! You should add a petticoat and it would look puffy…beautiful design!!

  5. Would it not have looked a lot more "Gucci" if there wasn't a center back seam? Maybe only have the 1st row be separated (for the zip) then have the other layers go all the way around. Just a suggestion. Cause now if you twirl, the back doesn't have movement because of the seam. Just a thought, BTW: I LOVE your channel. Thank You.

  6. Love your videos! Is it possible for you to add the link of the fabric in the description if you got them in Joann or other similar stores? Thank youπŸ’–

  7. If you want to make this project but you can’t go to the Sewing store because you’re in quarantine I would highly recommend Spoonflower they have a bunch of really cool prints that you can buy in multiple different fabrics

  8. Great job. My only slight critique is the ruffles being sewed into the center back seam kind of interrupts the fullness and floatiness, like they can't swing freely when you twirl. The top ruffle that can't be helped because of the zipper, but the bottom 4 ruffles would look nicer if they were loose, only attached to the underskirt at the top of each ruffle, not down the center back. I would construct the underskirt and top ruffle completely first, with the zipper , back seam, and waistband. Then attach the bottom 4 ruffles to the finished underskirt. Each ruffle could be sewed together (to their own tier) at the back center before attaching them to the underskirt. Then when you twirl, those 4 ruffles would swing and move and float independently.

  9. Absolutely love the result. Your fabric choice is spot on. And btw I love these types of videos that you take inspiration from designer brands and make your own . Please make more videos like this . Love from Australia

  10. Maybe you can add tuille next time as well like the bottom layer … it's incredible but I feel
    Like adding tuille will take it to another level ❀️

  11. This is honestly so helpful for me because I need to make a dress with a similar style to this (ruffled layers) for a costume, and my first attempt was not good! But this method should help with my math

  12. When my daughter was young I made all her clothes. One dress I made her had over 10 feet of ruffles. The dress was a size three child so that is a lot ruffles. I didn't do the two rows of basting stitches to make the gathers as I was too afraid of the thread breaking. I took a spool of household twine, the smooth white kind, and then held it in place and zig zagged over it careful to not stitch the twine. This proved to be my best choice when tackling such large amounts of ruffles as you then the stress on your thread is not as strong.

  13. Il faut avoir le style pour oser porter ce genre de jupe.Elle ne va pas Γ  tt le monde.Mais sinon j'aime beaucoup l'inspiration πŸ‘πŸΏ.Et surtout elle est reussie😍.
    Peut Γͺtre je pourrai la faire en plus courte

  14. April I would like to tell you, I've watched your channel for years now, learning from you as you grow your skills and channel as well. You are younger than me, but years and years beyond my skill level. I don't think I'll ever be on your level and that's ok. I just wanted to thank you for teaching me so many useful things about sewing over the years. You have helped me improve a skill I believe everyone should have, basic sewing is something everyone use to be able to do. So in my long winded way, Thank You.

  15. For people who talk abt the ridiculous price of fashion brand. It’s the idea of wearing remake/upcycled clothes, not only the actual piece. If fashion brand didn’t start this, people who wearing dress like this outside will be judged as bad style, others will be shy to thrift and remake their clothes. Of course the money come to branding, original idea and probably the quality of the fabric.
    I would be happy if April make it from thrifted clothes, but buying new fabric to make it feel like she is joining the consumerism trap.
    This kind of shallow copy (along with all fast fashion brand) make fashion itself ridiculous.
    April, I love you, I know as your skill get better and you need to feed your viewer faster, but please take time to recycle as you always do, that’s the beauty of your channel.


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