Man of Steel Review | SJU


Joe and Spencer revisit Zack Snyder’s first entry into Superman and the DC Universe with Man of Steel!
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Man of Steel Review | SJU
Featuring: Joe Starr (@joestarr187) & Spencer Gilbert (@SpencerJGilbert)
Produced by Ryan O’Toole (@ryanohtrue)
Tech Director: Jonathan Moulton

Executive Producer: Roth Cornet
Writer/Producer: Joe Starr
Writer: Eric Goldman
Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
Senior Producer: Billy Patterson
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand


  1. Hi guys – I'M BACK! Hopefully…
    Looks like things have been going well while I've been gone, the place isn't a mess, and hasn't been bulldozed. I knew you'd be fine without me! Of course, the place isn't even here, but I have faith in your abilities!

    So, looks like the Snyder Cut is really happening. Didn't even need me to make this happen apparently!

    …the things I just typed makes me feel sad… it's nice to feel needed…

  2. Other than that neck snap, I really liked Man of Steel. I agree with quite a few points the guys made here, but I think over all it was a solid movie with alot of great things in it. Hans Zimmer's score, and that flashback of Pa Kent watching him run with the cape… puts moisture in my eye Everytime.

  3. The pa kent/Jr'el 'Superman' storyline was a missed opportunity in this motion picture. They could've, should've done better!! Just've leagued better in real life

  4. I get the flaws but this is still my favorite superhero film of all time tied with The Winter Soldier. It just works for me. The score is absolute perfection too.

  5. Does Superman, because he has powers, owe us? Because he can save us, should he? Why can't he just be a citizen of Earth or Country and live his life? Just because he's strong, and indestructible, and can fly why does he automatically have to become the hero without personal agency? And in the end he chooses to do it, he chooses to be a hero. That's my interpretation of the theme.

  6. The film has grown on me. At first I didn't like, I rejected it. I didn't want to see another origin story. Also, I was disappointed we didn't get a sequel to superman returns. But now I see it has a sci-fi film and very much enjoy it for what it is. However, I still don't like the Pa kent character. Kevin Costner is great actor but the role the gave him didn't work for me.

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