Marvel & Star Wars Officially OFF Netflix – SJU


Disney is officially pulling it’s Marvel/Disney related content off Netflix. Our SJ News team breaks down what it it means for the future plus Suicide Squad 2 has a new director and we choose the October movies we’re most excited about! – It’s SJU

00:00:45 Disney pulling content from Netflix
00:19:25 Suicide Squad 2 New Director
00:28:30 October Movie Preview

Hosted by Roth Cornet
Featuring Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, and Andy Signore
Produced by Billy “Business” Patterson

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  1. What $7USD for Netflix in the US. Here in Australia, we are paying $18AUD! That's about $14USD and they just bumped up the prices! It used to be cheaper. I don't get why why eveything here in Aus has to be so expensive compared to other countires!

  2. Anyone lose it when Spencer says 'Heyman, Screen Junkies Plus was a good idea!' ?

    As a former SJP that was hilarious, and good to see it made Andy laugh.

  3. I'm not going to pay for anything more than three services. I already pay for netflix, amazon prime, and audible. I refuse to pay for Disney. It is stupid. I don't rewatch movies, why would I need that service? I know zero people my age that would pay for that.

  4. Disney pretty much owns everything. I like that they can't get their Mickey hands on Warner Bros. or DC. Disney owns ESPN, ABC, Lucasfilm, Marvel, Hollywood Records, A&E, Lifetime, and a lot more.

  5. Ultraviolet is not dumb. You create an account on and Vudu or Fandango. Link your Vudu or fandango account to Then you enter the redeem code on Vudu or fandango and your done. You have the movie. It's simple and convenient. Vudu even has special features.

  6. I am going to stop my Netflix subscription soon, as I only ever bought it for the licensed content. Most of their stuff is garbage. In 5 years a start up will come along and create a wonderful new thing, it will be called a back catalogue site and I can watch all the movies and TV shows in one place. There is a huge market for that, and Netflix is fucking up.

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