Morbius Is Part of the MCU With Spider-Man and Vulture – IGN Now


The new trailer for Morbius has direct connections to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man and Michael Keaton’s Vulture. We break down the new Morbius trailer and analyze what we’re told and how it all connects, including when Morbius is set in relation to Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Jared Leto just might cross paths with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Tom Hardy’s Venom. How about that!

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  1. Oh yeah!!! They actually gave him the nose. I was kind of afraid there wouldn't be any changes to his appearance at all in this teaser. Guess they learned from the Venom teaser.

  2. I would honestly love it if marvel and Sony fully merged their universes together. Let marvel studios handle the much we know and love and let Sony do the more horror ish, darker side.

  3. It makes sense giving venom 2 is coming out before spider man 3 and that film will take place with him in college and reports of the sinister 6 it would be the next ambitious crossover in The mcu/sony mcu

  4. What if spider man three started with Morbius and Venom teaming up trying to take down spider man since everyone thinks he killed mysterio( and venom would not be hungry and morbius would have blood) and gets defeated but then hire the other villains such as vulture, shocker, scorpian( which we saw at the end of homecoming) . Mysterio could also come back too. Hydro man is also said to be in the mcu when flash talks about him in far from home and lastly there has been rumors that the chameleon is in the mcu too.

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