Most Uncomfortable Emmy Moments Of All Time


The Emmy Awards Show Has Brought Us Some Hilarious And Cringe Memes Over The Years. Here Are The Most Awkward Moments Ever.
The Emmy Awards have been the epitome of glitz and glamour for the excellence in television and entertainment, and it’s been going on for over 70 years! We all loved to gather around the Tv and watch the red carpet pre-show and decide who wore it best and start betting on who the big winners will be. The luxurious night comes with seeing some of our favorite celebrities and some hilarious and entertaining moments on the red carpet and on the stage. The hosts are usually some of the funniest and most professional comedians that year and leave us all with plenty of memories. Even if those memories are… Well… awkward. That’s right, sometimes this glamorous night includes a couple of uncomfortable moments. Stars! They’re just like us! Now if you’re thinking that’s not possible at an event as carefully orchestrated as The Emmy’s, don’t forget one thing: it’s live. So that means sometimes speeches will go too long and be uncomfortably cut short, sometimes stars decide to do some crazy stunts, or sometimes they just forget their manners and drop an f-bomb… or two. Also, you’re most likely going to see a ton of cast members from Game of Thrones somewhere in there, because.. Well.. duh! You’re also going to see some of the most high-class Hollywood stars lose their footing from time to time. It’s always going to be juicy entertainment, whether good or bad, at the Emmys. We just happen to focus on some of the more uncomfortable moments because that’s what makes interesting TV right?

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