[MV] Babylon(바빌론) _ PRAY


[MV] Babylon(바빌론) _ PRAY

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In the song “PRAY”, BABYLON expresses in his unique voice
the emotions from reminiscing about past love, feeling sorry,
and praying for the better. He well portrays a man
who has not yet gotten over his feelings.

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바빌론의 ‘PRAY’는 사랑했던 옛 애인을 떠올리며 여자에 대한 미안함과 추억, 기도하는 마음을 담았으며 아직도 여전히 잊지 못하는 남자의 마음을 바빌론만의 개성있는 보이스로 잘 풀어낸 곡이다.


  1. Ik this song is old but I just found it, and when he started it off with that "My prayyyyyyyyyy" I was stunned. Couldn't say anything but "My god." He's good 💕💕💕💕💕💕

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