[MV] Lovelyz(러블리즈) _ Shooting Star(작별하나)


[MV] Lovelyz(러블리즈) _ Shooting Star(작별하나)

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LOVELYZ returns with a charming ballad, “Shooting Star”, prior to releasing the group’s mini-album [Lovelyz8].

“Shooting Star” is a calm, yet emotional song about a girl going through a break-up for the first time. The lyrics, written like a piece of literature, on top of trendy 808 drums and code work, help the listeners well relate to the sentiments in the song.


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러블리즈가 미니앨범 [Lovelyz8] 발표에 앞서 발라드 넘버 ‘작별하나’를 선공개 싱글로 공개했다.
‘작별하나’는 태어나서 처음 이별이란 상황을 맞이한 소녀의 마음을 러블리즈만의 차분하고 따뜻한 감성으로 표현했다. 마치 한 편의 수필처럼 써내려 간 가삿말 속에 문학 소녀의 감성을 담았고 감각적인 808 드럼위에 세련된 코드웍이 맞물리며 듣는 이를 단숨에 이별의 순간으로 빠져들게 한다.


  1. I found this song because they used it as an instrumental for the trailing credits of Winter Wonderland 3 part 2. I have discovered that their song writers have a great ability to capture emotions with the lyrics and the music progressions. In fact it is pure genius to hear how the songs capture an emotional journey. Then it is coupled with a group of girls that will break down any chance the listener has of avoiding an emotional response. This package is a rare event. There are people that understand the emotions of music. The ones that do not won't understand how precious this group actually is and cannot be convinced otherwise. So now we face the inevitable. Someday these girls will not renew their contract for a variety of reasons. I hope it is a long time in the future because these girls will never be replaced and the emotional music will never be this strong as it is now. Let's appreciate them for who they are and what they do. (UPTT USA Production Talent Team)

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