My Current Winter Favorites!


Today’s video is a favorites video! I don’t do this monthly just because a lot of products don’t change for me month to month! I show you some products i have been using a lot for the past couple months as well as a few fashion items that i have been wearing a lot!

Enjoy and thanks for watching!!



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  1. I just found your channel yesterday and literally have been having a marathon!! You're really pretty and I hate that I didn't find your channel earlier!! πŸ™‚

  2. Hey guys if you like watching videos like these please checkout my channel, I know I only have like 3 videos but I'm new to youtube and trying to get my name out, so if you do check it out it would mean so much, thank you!!!

  3. Omg Tess you are so amazing!!! I singed up for youtube just so I could tell you how wonderfully you are. I really love your style and beauty advice!! Pleeeeaaasseeee do a video on winter knits…. You've got so Many and I love your fashion videos. Happy New year!!!

  4. Unlike sum people (not mentioning any names Kaytleyn) I luv ur gtl (get the look) videos and espech aria's one! Its great ur posting again and i luv u *handheart* -3

  5. what is your all time favourite foundation? have u tried the bare minerals foundation? also, could u please do an olivia culpo hair and makeup tutorial? xxx

  6. I know you did a Little Mix 'Wings' video but it would be cool if u did a video of the girls everyday style cos all their styles r different

  7. hi i love your videos!!!!! im one of those girls that has no idea what to do with fashion or makeup and your videos are SO SO helpful ….. i actually ha a request i have these gray knit tights but i have no idea how to wear them i was hoping you could help me please πŸ™‚

  8. hello dear Tess.i found your video accidently but it was interesting for me to watch.there are many interesting and useful advice/thanks a lot so decided to subscribe/hope to see a lot of new and interesting videos

  9. I used to use the clean and clear set for 6 years but recently stopped because I found it was bleaching my clothes and my skin tone was getting a lot paler. Do you find that?

  10. How many shades darker than your normal color did you go on the L'Oreal true match? I want a matte bronzer also, but my skin is so pale I'm afraid of most of bronzers I find that are matte.

  11. Ok so I know you have Done plenty of these videos before but yours are always the best so Since a new season of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS started can you make some more fashion and beauty videos for them.,.,.

  12. after seeing this video a while ago, I went to buy that clean and clear 3in1 face wash thing. and it works sooooooo well! THANKYOUUU for the recommendation!(:

  13. omg i loveeee your hair color! like srsly, i was searching for something like this, and THIS color is perfect. what is the color you use?:) (sorry if my english is bad)


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