My Dogs Enjoying Blankets (and Other Warm Things)


Here is the link to the lovely music called Ochre by Peter Bark

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  1. Ugh man I really needed this. In the matter of a few days my state went from everything being normal and zero confirmed cases to like ten, doing all online classes, kicking students out with six days notice making many homeless, and losing jobs. I think we all need dog content right now

  2. At 3.23, Cermet looks like a cozy lil seal. Jenna, I'm gonna be real with you. We, your subscribers, respectfully demand at least a 2nd and 3rd part. Wouldn't be opposed to a whole dang series. Some good music, good coze that is much comfy. All the slow mo. That smooth transition to Jerry Seinfeld. We may be in social isolation but gurl if you're throwing virtual cuddle puddle partys with your dogs, I want in! 🐕😁 And that fadeout?!? I'm so relaxed.

  3. thank you jenna. you are the saint the world needs and I don't think you'll understand just how wonderful you and julian are. you are the sun.

  4. Okay so much thanks but I definitely burst into tears immediately. Then I laughed a bit. Then I cried again. Were they happy tears or just stress relief? Who knows.

    I wanna snuggle Bunny and Marbles so bad. I wanna play with Peach and I want to laugh hysterically at Kermit's antics. Your dogs are gems. Thaaaaank you for this and every bit of content you have given us over the years. ❤❤

  5. my anxiety has been at an all time high and i was waiting until i needed this video to watch it. thank you jenna, julien, the furbabies. seriously you guys never fail to make me happy and i hope all is well with you guys. if i ever met you in real life i think i would cry of pure joy. you guys just have this wonderful aura and everyone around you is lucky to have you. <3

  6. I was supposed to go home (fly) for a couple of days to see my family and dog, but I didn't given how bad the outbreak is.. thank you Jenna for putting this video of your dogs <3

  7. Julian: oh shit Jenna what are we gonna for this week? Jenna: looks down from her phone a photo of a small dog wrapped in a blanket I KNOW BEECH!

  8. Thank you so so much for this video Jenna and Julien. I needed this. I'm a little bit panicking and feeling stressed out after having to ride through the USA to go home in Canada. Today is my birthday and your video calmed me so much and also made me laugh so much! seeing these little blob heads squeezed in blankets. Thank you, stay safe, stay home 🙂

  9. my dog of 18 years passed away on friday and with the rest of the crap happening in the world, I really needed this content, lifted my spirits and made me smile. thank you jenna and julien for always posting the best and most uplifting content when we all need and want it. I will forever be grateful for the things you both do and for having the 4 most beautiful dogs (p.s. i did cry too at kermit looking like ET but that's besides the point) wishing health and happiness to all in these dark times x

  10. Jenna is like a mom. She knows exactly what is needing for her fans at certain moments. For that I will forever be grateful. Even though I’m a rather new fan, I’m happy I brought myself to watch your channel.

  11. My life has literally been going downhill and i dont know how to handle it or what to do
    I want things back to normal but i dont know when itll happen.. This video helps me and it makes me smile. Jenna youre amazing and I wish you only the best

  12. Honestly thank you so much Jenna. I have been trying to push off how scary and stressful this current time is and for some reason this is the video that made me breath and accept it. I’m afraid, but I’m so happy that we all have you here to remind us of the simpler things, and that in the end we’ll be okay. Thank you so much for being here

  13. jenna, julien, you guys have always made me smile in some of the hardest times of my life. thank you for continuing to bring a beautiful light into this world when it seems pitch dark. both your souls are blessings to this earth, thank you both endlessly for all that you do. hoping the best for you and your family, stay safe♥️ much love


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