My Morning Routine…


I know this isn’t a very “everyday” morning routine… I wanted to have fun and film this in a special style, based off a lot of inspiration I had! I hope you guys found this video inspiring or ever just relaxing & peaceful. Even though not every morning is this glamorous, I like to put in some extra effort at times to make it special for myself! I never used to enjoy my mornings like I do now, but I have decided to make it a very special part of my day. Every morning is a new beginning, I can take time to appreciate things I may have not before, I can marvel over simplicities I have the opportunity to experience, I spend most of this time in prayer with Jesus, reading the Word & worshipping! A great morning doesn’t need all this fanciness, but I wanted to make it look as magical as they feel to me! I really hope you enjoyed this video! Xx – Kelsey

| Matthew 7:8 |

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  1. I love her so so so so much, and I've read what she had written in the bingeing of the video, but I'm still mad about the make up she woke up already wearing.(the video is very cute tho)

  2. I mean it's not that much unrealistic she didn't do magic, she just woke up washed her face put some make up had breakfast changed her clothes and looked happy.(except for the part when she woke up with perfect hair and wearing make up)

  3. I am just jealous that she is waking up to the sun. I drag myself out of bed at 5am most mornings. I did relate to eating the cheese straight off the loaf of bread though 😂

  4. Oh this is such a film
    She’s amazing at styling things , even do none of this will be 100% realistic i love her content it makes me feel good and her taste and touch is absolutely gorgeous and elegant

  5. Wow what a GORGEOUS way to capture a special part of your day, its beautiful what you did! You captured exactly how you feel in the mornings and used gorgeous videography to express it! Bravoooo!! 🥰🥰🥰

  6. please do a closet essentials!! and can you also do a video on how to clean your closet 😂 i know that sounds silly but everytime i clean out my closet i never know what to donate and what to keep or what staples i should keep to make different outfits with.


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