My Solo Trip | February Vlog


Spend some time with me in one of my favorite cities, San Francisco. I’ve been itching to reflect during this two day workshop called Rising Strong and boooy, was it an experience. Of course, I went through a whole rollercoaster of emotions. I felt challenged and completely out of my element, but I felt so fulfilled after it.

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  1. Hello Jenn!! I was really inspired by this video because I think people underestimate the importance of being comfortable doing things alone and enjoying your own company! I really appreciate your courage and truly admire your independence. It's amazing to watch you grow as a person and make a constant effort to grow and better yourself.
    My 3 Values:
    – Compassion: I think there's little to no point in achieving or thriving in life if you don't have the heart to be understanding and empathetic towards other people you interact with. In America, we live in a pluralistic society where people with such diverse backgrounds live together in communities and I think it's SO important to make room for compassion towards each other despite our differences.

    – Gratitude: As I grow older, I'm becoming more and more aware of the extensive privileges I have and taken for granted. It's simple things like my heath (I have the ability to walk and transport myself from place to place to place) or my appearance (with my skin tone I can easily find a foundation shade that matches and I don't feel fearful when I see or interact with a policeman) or even where I live (in America I have fresh air to breathe, unlike when I lived in Shanghai and the air quality was constantly unhealthy, and I have the financial means to live in a neighborhood that's safe). Through my college education, and especially living in San Francisco, I've been exposed to various issues that others might struggle with that haven't crossed my mind before. I was comfortable with myself because I live a life with a degree of privilege. So to me, having gratitude towards my conditions, my friends, family, and environment, is something I truly value.

    – Perseverance: I think my dad has taught me the importance of perseverance because (1) everything great initially endures failure, and (2) perseverance builds good character. I think we don't have control of the situations or the reactions of the people around us, but we do have control over our own reactions and how we decide to deal with hardships in life.

    Also, I recently gave a presentation in my advertising class about ad agencies in the bay area and I learned about MasterClass when researching Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein, founders of Goodby Silverstein & Partners. If you have time I would check out their class!
    Thanks Jenn for the great video to start off my week!!
    IG: @gabbykim12

  2. I wanna start off by saying that I found this video very relaxing to watch… and let me explain why… Jenn, here I saw you in a state of vulnerability, where… as you have mentioned, you were feeling afraid, anxious, vulnerable, but also really excited. I'm a person who strives to reach perfection (Virgo, of course) … and even though is good to always challenge yourself to be better, it doesn't mean you have to become perfect. Therefore is enough to say that perfectionism is one of my worst qualities. When I watch YouTube videos, I unconsciously pick the qualities that people have that I don't , and make myself feel less because of them. This of course, happens all on the back of my mind. So… to see you feeling anxious and afraid and vulnerable is a breath of fresh air since that's how I feel too… You made us feel less alone…
    My values: 🙂

    I strive to understand serenity because I want to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable. I deeply value humility because its what keeps me grounded and grateful. And lastly, I always strive for kindness because I know how hard it is to face life at times, and receiving a warm smile or a helping hand can make all the difference.
    IG: @moonselene777

  3. Ins : @meouda

     I used to see my value only as a daughter to her family,a future mom to another family, I was taught to be silent and to obey , and that education is just classes to prepare you as an interesting housewife so your future husband don't get bored. But education opened my eyes, so I could realize how small I am in this endless world of literature, secience, philosophy … , and how strong I could be as a woman, like so many of the miracle other women created. It became posible for me to see the world outside and to understand what you just said and to comment with my poor english.
    My value is independence——– to grow and explore as a proper hunman being, not be trapped and defined by any other people, be respondible for my own life, and bear the consequence that my choice brings.

    creativity——– to learn, but more importante to create what's my own, to carry on my Journey on writing, to I could somehow contribute to helping other girls in my country.
    love ——– Love for myself, for other people, for nature, for …. And I feel so blessed when I could put my love into action, to keep developing myself, helping others and making some changes in this gaint world.

  4. Love seeing other ppl overcome fears and step out of their comfort zone, you did a really great job Jen!💗
    I’ve been feeling really lost the past years just rolling with the every day life and it’s challenges not really knowing where to go.
    But I also learned a lot about myself and what makes me feel good.
    So my values in life (atm) would be:
    0. Valuing people’s hard work
    1.respecting and caring
    2. Funny, nice and surprising conversations with strangers
    3. Knowing what makes me feel good and taking action ( this ones though but I’m getting better at it) 🙈

  5. Well, there goes one of my first comments on here… Nowadays I am discovering myself from the start so I will pick new and fresh values for myself, for the person I really want to be. I would choose firstly, balance. As a person who is a drama queen and lives everything on the edge, for the next chapter of my life, I will value balance. Secondly, courage. For the majority of my life, I have missed great opportunities such as meeting new people or getting educationworking abroad because of my shyness and lack of courage. My last value is HEALTH. I believe without a healthy body and a healthy mind, I can't fulfill any of the other values, let alone these three.
    I have never written my words down, it felt so good to get these written and out of my chest. Thank you Jenn for sharing your values with us and thank you for giving us a platform to write down ours.

  6. This past summer I did my first trans-Atlantic flight by myself. I felt vulnerable but it was such a good experience because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and I took control.

  7. Thank you so much for this video and for this giveaway. If I had to narrow it to my top 3 values, it would be:
    1. Family – I would not be where I am today without my family and I both appreciate and depend on their love and support so much. I want to always show that support in return and someday have offspring who will also appreciate these family values and togetherness.
    2. Balance – I've worked hectic schedules, I've put work and the happiness of others before my own health before and I'm now struggling to say no more to that. You can only do so much of that before burning yourself out and as such, I really value balance. Work/life balance, balance in your relationships, balance with your diet and personal health…it's all so important in maintaining the best you.
    3. Gratitude – I am so grateful to live the life that I do and aspire to show gratitude everyday and never take what I have for granted.
    IG @LLe45

  8. I traveled the world by myself in my twenties and it was the best gift I could have ever given myself. The friendships I made, my personal confidence was restored as was my confidence in ppl – that most are genuinely good and kind. My values are curiosity, showing up, loyalty.

  9. My three values are Self-Love, Gratitude, and Efficiency, because I know what it’s like to be in a dark place, am thankful for the experiences and relationships in my life, and strive to achieve my own version of very best. @saylini

  10. Resourcefulness, Generosity, and Financial Stability. Growin up in a single-parent household two of these were qualities that my mother possessed, and as I go into the world and one day and start a family of my own I'd love to make sure that the two she taught me as well as financial stability are some of the lessons I can leave to my children as well. It's not very often the financial stability and money wellness I guess I'll say are taught in the African American/ Black Diasporic community so now that I've been educating myself I find it super important to be able to pass that along.

    I also love the introspection and the fact that you're sharing this personal journey with us! Thank you! I think I'm gonna go to this retreat when it comes to Brooklyn! @ROZIERACKS

  11. Creativity, gratitude and kindness. creativity because there are so many things that can be done and we don't realize it, or we ignore it, I like being able to always look for new things. Gratitude, is something that I have been working on this last time and I think it is something vital to be able to live well and in peace with oneself and with others, learning to thank is important to me. And kindness because, if we are not friendly, our environment becomes hostile, as you said only kindness can help us see the best of people, it is good to be able to provide that comfort for the other, so that it can stretch out and show how it really is , your authenticity as a person

  12. My three values are kindness, leadership, and love. I value these three because they all have power to influence the relationships in our lives. Kindness brings us closer together and can challenge to sacrifice ourselves for others. Leadership is a form of influence in that we can all teach each other something valuable if we are open to learning. Love because among adversity, love from others and from yourself can withstand any hardship.

  13. Love that you went out of your comfort zone to do this for yourself, to pour into yourself and in turn pour back into other people. The values that jumped out to me were belonging, generosity and gratitude. I’ve always struggled with feeling like I belonged anywhere and it’s something I’ve struggled with. I think for me and my personality, I have a lot of love to give but never felt worth of receiving love in return. Whether it’s belonging to a group or a person or just even allowing myself to be myself and belonging to myself in that sense, I think that’s why that value is important to me. I also feel like belonging ties into connection, which ties into feeling loved and respected, feeling heard and understood – all things that I know I need and I think humanity craves and needs as whole. Generosity and gratitude are also values that stick out to me. I want to be a more generous person in many ways and I want to live a life filled with more gratitude. But wow this conference sounds great. Will definitely think about going if it’s ever heals near me or next time I visit the US! (Insta handle is @heyheycj)

  14. @abglrsd
    Ambition, honesty and spirituality are my top three. 

    Ambition because it's good to have your own individual goals but still support others with their own too
    Honesty because without honesty there is no trust
    Spirituality because with spirituality comes true connection and transcendence which is unparalleled to any other human emotion (personally)

  15. I LOVE that you did this exercise about values, because to start off 2020, my therapist did this exercise with me. The 3 i chose were Intimacy, because i want to create deeper bonds within myself and ensure that im creating deeper connections with those around me. Spiritualality, because i think there is a lot to learn about tapping into the power i have in order to spread love and positivity in the world. Things like therapy, consistent meditation, and even music festivals and travel are opening my spiritual self lens. And Passion, because im 22 in community college trying to decide some career paths, and ultimately whatever i decide, i want to wake up every day with a purpose and feel sparks with what i do.

    I also really appreciate this video , because ive been wanting to take a solo trip to get out of my comfort zone and you inspired me to try and make it more of an educational experience than just a wind down. LOVE YOU JENN💖

  16. I went on my first solo trip for a week in November of last year. Unlike for a lot of people, it was hard for me. I had no problem roaming around and discovering places by my own but I got really anxious about constantly being around strangers, in a country where I didn't speak the language. I learnt that I probably went waaay beyond my comfort zone. It didn't discourage me from travelling alone again. Next time I'll pick a destination where I can speak the language and make it a shorter trip.

  17. I love supporting you, Jenn 🙂 Thank you for teaching me so many values I have today too! I resonate with your top 3 choices too, but upon looking through the list, I picked another three that came forth even stronger.

    My top values would be:
    Grace — I believe in the grace of God, and how we can receive blessings even when we don't deserve them.
    Growth — I believe in constantly improving the way things are, and I loved your point about excellence and I, too, appreciate excellence, but I also find beauty in the growth process towards excellence. Everyone wants to be "up there", but everyone is still in the midst of growth 🙂
    Wisdom — Grace and wisdom come hand in hand to me, because if one is completely gracious without wisdom or truth, it's meaningless. If one is truthful and wise but without grace, it can be just mean. That's why grace and wisdom needs to come hand in hand, so that we know the right things to say/do, and the right ways to say/do them.

  18. Brene Brown is my favorite author and I’ve read a good handful of her books. She teaches so much about who you are as a human being. In the past couple years I’ve discovered my values and the order in which I value them. 1. Faith: even though I may not be religious, I still believe that you should have faith in yourself. Have faith in the world, have faith in your life. I truly believe that everything that happens has a reason. In the moment it may seem hard, but every struggle happens in your life because you are strong enough to overcome it. 2. Family: this includes not only my own children and husband, but also the family I grew up with and raised me. Family comes first for me because the decisions that I make everyday are decisions that will benefit and respect my family. 3. Freedom: the freedom of choice, the freedom of speech, the freedom to be who you want to be. 4. Significance: to make a difference in the world by putting a smile on someone’s face everyday. Small impacts everyday will compound to a greater difference in the world.


  19. Thanks for being so vulnerable in this video! Really related to your feelings of anxiety and uncertainty when in a group of people you don’t know, and your courage is inspiring! I think my values would be faith, family, and compassion. I think the first two are pretty self explanatory but the last one is so important for connecting deeply to those around you and treating everyone with dignity and kindness! @laurac.mxd

  20. My core values: Time, knowledge, and wellbeing. I never take the time I have with someone for granted. I always search for new knowledge whether it’s to help me grow individually or to understand other people’s beliefs. In the past I neglected my own health and now I see why my well being should always be one of my top priorities!

  21. Definitely passion, community and being the best. I would not be able to make it through my graduate program if I was not passionate about my future career. I could go on for days about how excited I am to better people's lives through physical therapy. I also rely so heavily on my community. I am a raging extrovert and will actually be drained by not being around people for a prolonged period of time. And when these people are passionate too, I am living the dream. Getting to share and gush over what we love most is one of the most fulfilling things. In addition, being trusted to share other's vulnerable moments is an absolute honor no matter how difficult it is to be present. Being the best is one I wish I did not value, but, in my mind, it is the only way of guaranteeing my dreams will become reality. Fight this on the daily and do not always persevere, but that is okay.

  22. Mine are compassion , individuality , and dedication. Compassion to me is what makes everyone connected in the world. It makes me Want to be better and I believe it is what makes other feel motivated to live their best lives for others. Without it I don’t think I would be anywhere. Individuality is important to me because understanding that I am my own person and part of my life is growing from within is what drives me. It fuels creativity and when you are strong individually, it makes relationships with others stronger. Dedication to family, work, friends, and everything in between is very important. In my life, I try to do my best to focus on what is the most important to me and if I am truly dedicated then it can be the best possible.
    Love u Jenn!

  23. My three values are: knowledge, making a difference and personal fulfilment, I am an immigrant from Hong Kong to London and trying to settle down into an new environment. I believed if I constantly growing and learning can make a difference. Also, I used to struggle with identity confusion, your previous video- Growing up Korean American has such a positive impact to me. Thank you Jenn! Hope to meet you in future when I visit the U.S.
    IG: canton_girllondon

  24. @alexabggg 3 values: sincerity, generosity and tenacity. I’d add curiosity too. These are the abilities that’ll help you grow and be the best version of yourself.

  25. Hi Jenn, thank you for sharing your journey with us. I think it means a lot to us when you are able to be open with us and share your experiences even though you don’t have to.
    My three core values are honesty, empathy and resilience.
    Honesty can be so hard, but sometimes you have to look at yourself and be open to making changes, be critical of oneself (not to put oneself down) to be a better person and to make improvements.
    Being empathetic is being in touch with your emotions I think, and it leads to a better understand of what other people may be going through too. Even during difficult times.
    Being resilient is so important to me because even when you make mistakes, when someone has done something to you or something goes wrong I think the will to push through, to make improvements and to learn and take something away from that experience- that makes us who we are.

    IG – Anudari_K

  26. Authenticity, Independence, Growth
    Thank you so much for sharing Jenn 🙂 I think it is amazing that you're always striving to better yourself! I would say these are the three values that are most relevant in my life right now, as I'm learning on how to fully embrace who I am and I seek to surround myself with others who presents their authentic self. I really love and value spending time alone (just part of being an introvert I guess!) and being able to be self-reliant. And of course, I always want to strive to better myself as a person as well.

  27. My three values are:

    1) Balance – I think often times we are so hard on ourselves, we take on the all-or-nothing mentality, whether it's about self-care (healthy eating, exercise), daily tasks, projects that need to be done at work, etc. Often, my thinking gravitates towards "you have to do this to the utmost perfection, you have to stick to this schedule to a tee" and it becomes really exhausting to be so hard of myself. So I've really been trying to practice accepting balance in everything!

    2) Contentment – I am currently in the school-to-career transition stage and it's been incredibly confusing and hard (imposter syndrome at an all-time high!). All throughout my schooling, I've always wondered if I've chosen the right path for myself and questioning the micro- and macro- decisions that I make, and my brain always makes me ask myself "is there something that's a better fit for me out there?" and then I never become satisfied with what I have or where I'm at. I've now begun to realize that sometimes it's better to be content with what you have now and embrace these things to its fullest, and that's the best thing we can do for ourselves.

    3) Gratitude – everyday, I write 3 things down that I was grateful for for that day (no matter how grand or how small) and oh dear goodness did this immensely improve my self-reflection abilities and quality of life. Being able to see the good things in everyday helps me untangle those negative thoughts that have accumulated from small things throughout the day and really allows me to take a step back and appreciate all that I have.

    IG handle: @vickylies

  28. mirandak_16 IG handle. I've been watching you for years and I just dont know why I feel like youve been my comfort zone since college. And on top of that and to my surprise, I freakin have the same values as yours!! Maybe that's why I feel like I'm always gravitating towards your channel. But If I may add besides connection, excellence and curiosity, i really value quality time, like that really hits the spot for me when people give me that as I also do the same for them. I think it's somehow related to connection.

  29. I'd say my three values are altruism, inclusion, and vulnerability. This past year has been incredibly difficult for me and I went to therapy and learned about having self-compassion and I think that has taught me a lot about not only being kind to myself, but being kind to others. You never know what's going on in other people's lives and I think it's important to acknowledge that one is feeling a certain way and to support that. Additionally, I HATE feeling left out whether that be in a social setting or at work, and I never ever want others to feel that way. Lastly, vulnerability has been a tough lesson for me to learn but it's saved me in more ways than I ever expected. I've always been the type to solve problems on my own, but have found that being vulnerable is so courageous and can really help your well-being and connect more with others!

  30. Jenn jenn jenn i loved watching this omg. Thank you for this! Yes i loved how u put urself out there! Girl we love you. I love you it has been yeaaaaars since ive followed you and omg 😭

  31. Faith: the foundation of what I base my decisions, perspective, hopes, and mindset each day
    Love: the hardest thing to constantly do but is also challenging and helps you grow into a more selfless person
    Perseverance: builds stamina to endure the tough situations/seasons of life
    IG: @mstanya23

  32. My three values are compassion, growth and caring. 🙂 Life is about always learning and never settling down. Just be the best good person you can be to others and yourself. Thanks for this kind of video, it's like we're growing older and learning more about life together overall 🙂 

    IG: alinasaephan

  33. Authenticity, commitment, & growth!
    These values are important to me because I’ve lost some of the most important people in my life due to these values they lacked of. I think what you seek for in others is what you should project of yourself as well!
    Ig: candaceewu 💕

  34. Aaahhhh loved this vlog so much makes me wanna go alone somewhere and just be by myself, get out of my comfort zone ❤️also i watched Hereditary and it got to me… like for a whole week, it freaked me out a little so even tho it was a ver well done movie I don’t recommend if you get scared >< i wish I hadn’t seen it lol
    My three values never thought about this before would be Generosity, Fairness and Courage 🙂

  35. Two years ago, I traveled to Europe by myself for two months. Looking back to the time, I really appreciate that I could have this extraordinary experience. After that, I start spending more time with myself which I didn’t enjoy doing in the past.
    I learnt how to talk to God, talk to myself, and know myself better and deeper.
    Thanks for sharing your solo trip to us, it reminds me a lot of memories.
    Lastly, I share the same values with you, Jenn. I don’t know why but every time I watch your video, I can see some of myself in you. That’s freaking cool! Love you Jenn, thank God for your existence:)

  36. Courage, caring, and growth are the three values I pick! For me, courage and growth are values I am forever working on to become a strong, confident individual. I am always finding ways to better myself and love myself so that I can reflect that to onto friends and family. I am caring; when it comes to friends, family, and just any person I meet. I’m a nursing student and my program’s core value includes caring and it really it is an important value to own and implement in life.

  37. my top values (currently, as I'm human & subject to change):

    1. Creativity – when you get creative, situations can change. the power of being creative can give fulfillment when it becomes a passion project, and also just the simple joy of being able to turn a bad day into something better.

    2. Love – Growing up with Asian parents, love was never expressed as a priority (responsibility, financial freedom, etc) but now that I'm older, I'm so sure that love heals. Love has gotten me out of dark places, and I can only hope to heal others the same way.

    3. Uniqueness – Uniqueness reminds me that I have my own purpose, that I am my own beautiful, that I am on a different path from others, but that's OKAY. To me uniqueness brings me back to self-love and encourages me to be more vulnerable and self accepting.

    IG : @maneessamahendran
    p.s. I loved this video so much! Loved how it got us all reflecting on ourselves and our own values xx

  38. I love solo trips! I take about one a year to make sure I'm checking in with myself. Also, I really appreciate this thought provoking giveaway.

    1. Authenticity: I think if everyone were more honest about how they felt and what they thought, we'd be able to understand each other more. I feel most misunderstandings are because we try to perform to our own or others' expectations, even when it goes against what we're feeling or actually want. Authenticity protects us from succumbing to "should".
    2. Love: True love encourages us to grow, love others, and forgives all our faults while still holding us accountable for them. It's a funny balance, and it takes a while to learn exactly what it means to each individual. But I think universally, love makes all things better.
    3. Joy: There's so much joy in living if we're able to see it. I think laughter, humor, pleasant surprises are some of the things I love most in life, and genuinely love seeing another person experience. It makes me slightly proud when I can make someone else laugh, because it's a light moment in a heavy existence.

    IG: verdantrising

  39. Hi Jenn! I really enjoy your videos and it really feels like I'm catching up with a friend. I was inspired by you to read Brene Brown's work as well and I've got all the 3 books ready. Can't wait to dive into them! Anyway, it's really hard for me to pick 3 values because I feel like I want to embody everything as much as possible. It's part of me working towards continuously growing as a person and becoming a better version. The 3 values for me are to always be kind, positive and instill discipline in my life. I think life can be rough but if you're kind towards others and remain positive, you can always get through the hard times. Discipline for me is also important because this helps you fulfill the things you want to do and helps you improve. Looking forward to the next video! 🙂

    IG: sammieshing

  40. @itstiffanytrieu curiosity, generosity, and community
    I love how you've shifted to a more balanced, holistic way of sharing your life/making videos (with boundaries of course!)

  41. peace, balance, and growth are my three values. peace and balance are so important to me in helping me build myself up and contain my composure. if i didn't know peace, i wouldn't have balance– the balance between relationships, passions, and character. these components help me build and truly grow in every aspect of my life.

    i absolutely love you for bringing these types of videos into your channel and being more transparent. i was having a rough day but watching this really uplifted my spirit. so thank you jenn!


  42. Connected – always felt that need of feeling being a part of something big. Makes me feel happy and motivated. Harmony – I feel like balance is something we constantly work on and it a always in progress value (which I actually love, cus it teaches you to be in the moment). Excellence – my childhood value, always loved to put my effort and have a quality result. <3 @munyongri

  43. First off, watching this vlog reminded me of my first solo trip and I don’t know how to describe it but I felt like I knew how you were feeling. I was excited to be doing that on my own for myself and I was also away for a conference type thing, so I felt good about it, but I also felt like weird and vulnerable and kind of wished I was there with a friend? Don’t know if you were feeling that but some things you described and how there were ‘anxious moments’, I definitely felt that. Second, my 3 values would be Authenticity because I want to be authentic in everything I do and I want people to be their most authentic selves with me as well, Environment because I’m pretty passionate about the environment and that is a part of my everyday life as well as my career choices, and Safety because I often find myself choosing who I surround myself by as well as picking people I date based on how safe I feel and making sure that people feel safe around me as well!! Xx Tess

  44. It's really weird to take time to reflect on yourself because we're kinda taught to nurture others and really extend ourselves that there comes a point where it's tiring. I feel like as I get older I've wanted to take time to myself to really understand who I am and what that even means. I commend you for your journey and your growth as someone who's watched you for a long time. I even went to UC Davis/ graduated because I used to watch your videos about being there and it made me curious about the school lol. Getting back to the important values for me I think the three I would choose are Love, Curiosity, and Giving Back.
    1. I think love is such an important component of our lives that I've taken for granted and never really put much thought into. I've started to explore the power of love as a transformative tool for changing my perspective on everything. Seeing love beyond it's black and white image and exploring its meaning in my relationships with others, things, people, and myself and etc. It's been a wonder to learn about and hopefully grow to embody more and more.
    2. Curiosity is what drives us to become better more interesting people. If you can never master something you can at least say you were curious about things. I'm happy knowing I could be curious about so many things and take the curiosity into context and learn something new. Curiosity leads to so many new things and that's just an exciting venture to look into for life.
    3. Giving back. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing others be happy. I enjoy giving back my time, energy, resources, and knowledge when I can. I have the privilege to be a human with many things in a world that doesn't have the same for everyone and a world where nature and mother earth has been on the back burner. The opportunities I have to give back to this world are precious and I hope for the rest of my life I can continue to provide something if possible. I think we all as people can learn something from giving back and just taking the time to extend our hearts to others when we can/ if we can.

  45. My three values are:

    1. Creativity – I am a person of so many hobbies, all are inclined to creating something. It excites me whenever I find new ways to solve problems. I always keep a pen and paper with me in case there are burst of ideas needing to be saved for later. At times that I'm not doing anything creative for more that a week, I'd just lose all my motivation.

    2. Curiosity – I never settle for any information given to me. I'd always find myself so deeply immersed into researching about things I know little about. But, I am a very introverted person so I basically do all the "finding out" by myself.

    3. Independence – We always need some company but I keep mine to a minimum. I'm not timid yet not quite out-going, too. It was really my choice to be mostly solitary. I am from a very religious country where people really lean on god for their ambitions, mistakes and all that. And, since I am a non-believer, I have this sense of empowerment that I can do things by myself without someone helping me.

    ig: danna_luzong

  46. Hi Jenn. Thank you for sharing your experience with learning more about yourself in a more vulnerable state~ My three values are: authenticity, contentment, and growth.

    I strive to learn more about myself and stay true to what makes me feel whole and content. However, I am a lifelong learner and am an advocate for growth. I hope to be a better person than I was yesterday.

    My instagram is @poorlemonhope. Cheers!

  47. Hi Jenn!! 🙂 I just wanted to say that your last vlog prompted me to also get Rising Strong!! Literally right after watching it I knew I had to read it. Watching this vlog, I felt so many familiar feelings because it brought back a lot of memories from college. Although I'm usually a really outgoing person, I was terrified to make friends in a new environment and especially scared to to eat alone for the first time. Seeing you overcome your fears and step out of your comfort zone made me so happy–you truly are one of my biggest inspirations and I hope to channel more of this energy in the future!!

    Also my values are: compassion, growth, and optimism!! Compassion because I think being able to understand people and care about them is one of the most important skills to have as a person. One of the best feelings is knowing that someone else gets what you're going through and that you're understood and not alone. I strongly believe that if everyone was a little bit more compassionate, the world would be exponentially better! 🙂 Growth because nothing in this world is certain except change and to be able to do so positively is all we can hope for. Life isn't always pretty but if we can manage to gain something positive from those times, learn from our mistakes and better ourselves, that is when our true strength and character shines. Optimism because I think that hope and positivity is a beacon that carries us through the roughest of times. Finding joy in the little things, seeing the best in people, believing that things will turn out ok when things are really not ok, these are the things that keep me going! The world is good and I can only hope that more and more people believe that as well.

    Anyway, sorry this comment is so long!! But it was such a rewarding experience writing it. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to reflect on myself and my values!! I now feel a little more reassured of my identity and a little more my full in my heart 🙂

  48. I tried not to copy/bite your values but I swear it just ended up this way…

    Connection, Curiosity, Freedom

    1. Connection – I believe that everything is connected in some way. In another direction, I love being connected to people and knowing that I am not lonely nor by myself in my situation.

    I also love feeling connected to my friends and my family and even strangers. This probably stems from humans being social creatures and whatnot but it is necessary to live a happy life.

    2. Curiosity – Curiosity leads to many things like discovering the unknown and learning. These are things that greatly interest me as well as help me improve a lot of aspects of my life. From learning how to be a better person to being better at my job. Also learning about unknown things helps brings things into perspective and less scary. I will always be learning and I believe curiosity is an essential part of life.

    Also, curiosity helps with connection because being curious about someone will help me connect with that person. I've been asking a lot of people "What song have you been putting on repeat lately?" and I always get interesting responses that I end up adding to my various playlists. It's currently my favorite phrase to use in a conversation.

    3. Freedom – I was very sheltered growing up in a dangerous neighborhood. I understand why my parents did it that way but I felt a bit trapped. When I finally got to sleep over at a friends house sophomore year of high school, I felt so free. I ended up joining the wrestling team as a result of being with my friends of that sleepover as well which in turned help me learn more life values like resilience and sportsmanship.

    I feel that freedom is also having choices. Having a choice is what someone once said is a "Human Freedom", that we as humans always have a choice in what we do. By choosing what I want to do in life, I lead a life that I want to live. I'm not there yet but I'm working on it 🙂


  49. Mine is: Health, Independence, and Excellence. Now that im in my 30’s I underestimated how fragile my body is, unlike in my 20’s. I only have one body so I dont want to reap the consequences later while im still young. Independence because this is the fuel that keeps me motivated to go out of my shell and push myself out there and see the silver lining between those situations I’m uncomfortable to deal with. Excellence since theres no better feeling than seeing things turned out the way I planned them in the most satisfying way.

  50. Hi Jenn! My three values are Learning, Spirituality, and Vulnerability.
    Learning – As I grow older I feel like my brain is somehow degenerating. So I used to keep learning now to stay updated.
    Spirituality – I love being alone most of the time to chitchat with myself and explore my own world.
    Vulnerability – I hate being vulnerable but I do love every moment when I conquer the dark side of myself.
    ig: c.lokg

  51. My three values are:
    1. kindness (if everyone can show kindness and understanding, the world would be a better place<3)
    2. contentment (i believe that things that make me feel contented are true happiness for myself, not just pure joy)
    3. giving back (i feel the need to give back to society and also to help people in need without asking anything in return is one of the important values in my life)
    IG: ra.chel_k

  52. I wrote down all these values and divided them into three columns. I named these columns Love, Respect and Knowledge. Love unites all kindness, forgiveness, humility and peace we can give to the world. (Self)-Respect leads us to honesty, cooperativeness, professionalism, it deals with our pride and dignity. Finally, Knowledge unites curiosity, wisdom, creativity, humour, etc. Only Health (which deals a lot with luck) and Time are two values I couldn't put anywhere specifically. It showed me why we forget about them so often and don't care until it's too late. Thus, even though we were supposed to pick three values, I'm picking five as all of them are equally important to me.
    IG: @colalalacat


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