my Sunday routine + glow up of the soul | VLOG 21


spend a Sunday with me while we do a lil soul glow up ❤
sending you all the love and comfort from my cozy corner to yours!

Sunday chapters ☕️:
1:51 – a zen walk through Toronto
2:50 – some yoga + thoughts
4:02 – journaling + coffee
5:00 – cleaning + growth vs. fixed mindsets
6:40 – how to embrace a growth mindset
8:25 – stepping outside our comfort zones
10:05 – Sunday oracle deck reading

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  1. Kalyn, you’re constant ability to grow, change and learn is so refreshing to see. I constantly find myself looking forward to watch your videos due to your calming nature and the way you always find a positive outlook no matter what’s going on. You always find some way to learn, it is truly amazing. I’ve absolutely been LOVING you’re content lately. Keep doing you!

  2. Hey Kalyn, I am loving your content right now. It has taken on a new level and is so nourishing to the soul. Thank you and I thank you for sharing your vulnerability. You are very brave and a beautiful soul

  3. Kalyn, I can't tell you how much I really needed to hear this today. I had a mental breakdown just this morning and showed up to my yoga mat in tears. I was flowing through vinyasas while sprinkling water on my mat. well I still feel lost and dissatisfied, I feel a lot better now, and this poetic vlog was somewhat comforting to the nerves. 🤗

  4. these videos are EVERYTHING! I would love to see how you structure/plan out your work days,. Do you do the same things every week or does it change depending on what you have on deck? You’re the best, and we are blessed!

  5. Thank you for voicing a truth I've been feeling for weeks. There is beauty in the mundane and this time has taught me to appreciate that. To appreciate the little things that give me comfort, to appreciate the things I miss I never thought I would, to appreciate our ability to adapt to almost anything. I think we all wanted to exit the quarantine all new people but instead I believe it's been more about reconnecting to our true selves and to what we knew when we were five but forgot along the way in the hustle and bustle of life.

  6. Sunday Routine = GYST Routine 😍 one of my FAVOURITE from Kalyn! 4am now😪 woke up just to make sure if Kalyn Upload. YES SHE DID! Now I can sleep soundly😌 and watch with a cup of joe when I wake up later 😃 yeah~~~

  7. So grateful for your videos!! The vulture card feels so on point especially given that you filmed that on Sunday and how my last few days went. Love when you involve discussions about tarot and oracle cards! The daily tarot card practice has made a difference for me tho year!

  8. aww so good girl. love your perspective. Keep sharing all the things, both creative style vlogs and the simple sometimes considered mundane too. I love the simple things in life. It's always been my opinion that they are the most important underrated things.

  9. I feel like this pandemic has caused people to SEE; to see other people, to se THEMSELVES, to realize they may not be in the right job, the right relationship(s). It’s been a good thing among the terrible.

  10. Hi Kalyn! <3 I'm going to comment on each of your videos until you like one because I need you to know that you should check deeper into your Saturn placements if you haven't yet! I recommend Liz Greene's book "Saturn A New Look at an Old Devil". I wish i would have looked into Saturn a lot more before I started my Saturn Return! <3 Youre at the perfect age to understand your last Saturn Square and prepare for your Saturn Return! <3 <3 <3 <3 I love you!

  11. Im definitely enjoying this time. I have been working from home since March…o look as this as much needed vacation time away from work and stress. I definitely thankful that we are able to receive pay while working at home. This pandemic has thrown me for a loop as it relates that i started the year off working on changing career…by taking a course in project management and hiring a professional coach. Sonce this pandemic i haven't been motivated to open my book on do my online course as well working out. I miss my workouts and worki g out at home is not the same for me as being around my coworkers working out. I was beating up on myself but watching Koze and other YouTube influencers made me realize it's ok to take a step back and relax. I thank you for all your videos…i have even made a folder to store your videos that relates to my current situation. You are a blessing keep up the good work. You definitely have support xoxo

  12. I really love all your videos I love your vlogs and your coffee talks even though I don’t drink coffee either way you’re my inspiration and I would love to meet you once quarantine is over.
    You’ve changed my life 😭😭😭😭 thank you

  13. kalynnnnnn, first- LOVE your tswift shirt! second, I too am going through a transformation at the moment and it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one going through one and going through a metaphorical metamorphosis ✨ hope your staying sane and safe during these crazy times, sending good vibes ✨

  14. You have grown so much ever since bali!! I’m sure many of your subs can see it! But you just seem so much more at peace and content with your life! I love you and u inspire me everyday 🤍🤍

  15. I don’t ever leave comments on videos. I’m kind of a silent fan. But this was probably my most favorite video I’ve ever watched, and trust me, I watch a lot of YouTube 🙂 This video hit home. Thank you.

  16. Thank you for being so real and fun to watch throughout the years, and especially right now. I really appreciate your videos and content so much. Keep the positive and honest vibes coming! It’s needed 🙂

  17. Kalyn, I can hear the storm settling in your voice and I hope the rest of 2020s vlog tears will be from happiness only. ♥️♥️♥️☁️☁️☁️ That vulture is speaking to us. Makes me feel like we'll be out relatively soon.

    Finding routine and loving the same small things has been such a dream, makes me hope I can remain grateful for the experience once this is all over! Thank you for another one. Z

  18. Ever since kayln started talking about outlander I had to start watching it and now I cant stop oh my god this show is absolute gold, thank you so much for the suggestion gurl! ❤️

  19. Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t just thought about going for a walk I stay inside so much right now. Seeing you take Bentley for a walk just flicked a light bulb for me (I’m Living completely alone for the unforseeable future) also not working so don’t need to leave the house unless food. But a walk, so simple, so useful! LOL

  20. I always save your viedeos for the morning, and boy, do you change my mood! You are so wise and I just love how you just changed my whole perspective on this corona time… I have been feeling soooo uncomfortable and like I´m just waisting time, but you made me feel like I´ve done exactly what I´m suppose to do during all of this, like I´ve grown and not realized it. Damn, thank you!

  21. I really needed this. And it's funny actually, because a few days ago I was journaling about this. I have struggled with a lot the past few years (an ED being one of them) and although everyone said I should take some time out and rest, I never allowed myself to do so. Now I am forced to rest, and be with myself all the time. I really did do some deep, deep, deep healing the last two months. It's a bit weird to say, but I feel like I finally found myself, who I am, what I want and who and what I love.
    I am so happy that Im not the only one. A little spark in these dark times <3

  22. I can't express the feeling this video, and all your latest videos have left me with, other than saying that it's home, and hope. You help me ground into myself, a bit like yoga does, and reminds me of the type of vibe and energy I want to put in to the world, that I want the world to have more of. I'm incredibly grateful.

  23. You are such an inspiration! I am really grateful for every video you post! It's amazing to go on youtube and see that there is another video by my fav girl! <3

  24. I never write comments but I just wanted to say that…. I noticed everytime I see you uploaded a new video, I smile. It's just an automatic reaction and I just wanted to say Thank you for that!! 😉

  25. This is my favourite kind of content from your channel. You have helped me to go through heartbreaks, mental breakdowns and self-doubt since 2018 💕

  26. I've been here for about 4years now. I've watched every video from the beginning and yet today I just love your content. You inspire me, you give me a reason to be happy and grateful. Xoxo

  27. Listening to you is making me cry like a blessed cry. This is such the best content I’ve ever watched during this quarantine. ❤️ love xoxo from Australia


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