Netflix’s Locke and Key Showrunners Give Season 2 Update


Locke and Key executive producers Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill give an update on Season 2, and discuss the possibility of even more seasons.



  1. If it’s anything like Hill House or Umbrella Academy, Netflix will give us the message “It’s official. Another season is coming” for about 2-3 years before giving us an estimated release window. Bode is gonna be in his 20s by the time Netflix starts filming.

  2. The actor that played Bode was really hard to watch. The mom looks confused all the time. She's supposed to be an alcholic mess. The well lady is pretty bad as well. Hate to be that guy but I strongly encourage folks to patronize your local comic store and pick up book one. It's almost impossible to think the show is comparable. Neil Gaiman did an excellent job bringing American Gods to life. Joe hill fell a little short in my opinion. Excited for the new books though!!

  3. I did enjoy it, not much the end as much but knew it was coming . Hope the second one is much better tho and tells more story's to each character as well ect

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