Next-Gen VR Headset Coming From Microsoft and HP – IGN Daily Fix


In today’s Daily Fix: A next-gen VR headset is on the way, A Resident Evil 3 Demo dataminer found something pretty interesting and Konami shoots down Silent Hill reboot rumors.



  1. Y’all think this is cool, Wait to you see how cheap they making VR tech in general…. anyone ever been to
    Vegas and played those VR games that are in a small warehouse size room, HP is making those programmable packs affordable as hell… Soon every major city will have similar VR businesses or game studios making VR content

  2. If xbox hops on the VR train and is able to get Half Life Alyx, they'll definitely be in the ball game to compete with Sony for the next gen! This is coming from a PS fanboy

  3. With everyone stuck at home and being on the cusp of a new generation of powerful consoles, I think we may see VR take off. Socially interacting with people in VR could be a thing. Not needing a super powerful PC to pull this off is great.

  4. lol, Reverb 2.0 is literally just the Reverb, but actually fixed, unlike what HP lied about. Won't be tracking 2.0 either since MS has not said anything about that happening. So will be stuck with shitty hololense2 tracking still.

  5. I can't use vr I have vision problems and vr gives me awful headaches. And se stuff like vr isn't anti consumer. If vr is the future than future me isn't a gamer

  6. It seems obvious to me that since Microsoft is on board with the VR Project that it will be compatible with the next-gen Xbox console releasing later this year even if it isn't the primary focus it is still going to be supported and streamlined for easy accessibility and development

  7. Sorry, but the switch can hardly handle the witcher 3. Maybe they are talking about the original RE3: Nemesis. This game needs to be played at high graphics settings. It is so beautiful!

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