[Nizi Project] Part 1 #10 Highlights


JYP×Sony Music 「Nizi Project」 #10
2020.03.27 Friday 22:00 ON AIR

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  1. 16 people will be selected to go to Korea
    N there will be 7 member who will be the final group for Nizi (7 colors of rainbow)
    I've seen the latest eps (eps 9) that seems like a miracle that 0 cube comes 3 cube bc of the hardworking girl n show no worries n keep smiling
    Let's hope it will be 16 girls yes!? ^_^

  2. Girls who might end in the Korean training programe:
    1.Mako(3 cubes)
    2.Miihi(3 cubes)
    3.Rima(3 cubes)
    4.Yuna(3 cubes)
    5.Suzu(3 cubes)
    6.Momoka(4 cubes)
    7.Mayuka(3 cubes)
    8.Akari(3 cubes)
    9.Maya(3 cubes)
    10.Riku(3 cubes)
    11.Ayaka(2 cubes)
    12.Nina(2 cubes)
    13.Moeno(2 cubes)
    14.Rio(2 cubes)
    15.Riria(2 cubes)
    the other ones either have 1 or 0 cubes, this might be just a prediction.Also, Nizi will have 9 members!Also, Momoka is the only one who has 3 cubes, let s see who else will get the showcase cube in the 10th episode

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