Now Sony Says “Majority” of PS4 Games Will Be Backward Compatible – IGN Now


Sony has clarified their position on the PlayStation 5’s backward compatibility. They’re not working on getting a majority of the PS4’s 4,000+ games to work on the PS5, but that games need to be tested on a game-by-game basis.



  1. I'm buying a ps5 for ps5 games. ANY bc is just a nice but ultimately irrelevant bonus. Christ, all you entitled whiners should just buy a legacy system if youre so into those older games.

  2. People saying that they won't buy ps5 because it can't run their old PS1/2/3/4 games and would shift to Xbox…
    Like the series x can play them

  3. Didn't they previously announce that all ps4 games will be playable but some may require a patch, it will just be those patches won't be available at launch

  4. How was this ever confusing to people? I feel like this is a nonsense story. Also not buying a $500 system to play old games this really isn’t a big deal for either system to have it for me

  5. I dunno…. They haven't shown ANY game that makes me want the console. Took away the hope of reverse compatibility. Due to Corona it might not even come out this year. The lack of storage. Not showing the console, controller, or features actually working on the retail console. Hard to keep hype Sony.

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