opening up about anxiety & life | VLOG WEEK 07


today I’m opening up about anxiety, heartbreak and how life just be like that sometimes ❤

Vlog Chapters for ya:
Vegan Chicken Burgers: 3:05
My First Hip Hop Class: 6:51
Trying Out Hypnotherapy: 13:14
Honest Life Update w/ Youtube: 15:54
Heartbreak: 20:30
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  1. I was going to put a big long comment talking about my own anxiety and depression but I’m just gonna say this: I feel for you, I understand, and we can both get through it every day 💕

  2. Your an incredible person. I'm so glad I found you on here. Your so inspiring and really lifting. Thank you for sharing and being real. P.S I love Bentley ♥️ keep doing what you do!

  3. Dating/making connections is just a series of travelling through souls. Some are pit-stops to keep us going through life, but one day out of the blue you’ll find a soul you can call home.

  4. I can't speak for anyone else, of course, but I think what I am most interested in when it comes to your content is your normal life. Your travel videos are amazing, but honestly these kind of vlogs and your honest emotions and reflections are just so enjoyable to me. There is so little authenticity online that I think your channel offering that is what makes it unique. Best of luck in this journey through loss, which takes so much longer to heal from than we like to admit <3

  5. For the record… you don’t have to be angry to do hip hop. I hate how instructors who don’t understand the culture assume it’s negative attitudes thats drive hip hop. I don’t normally comment. But that really bothered me.

    I’m glad you are going to continue it. Stay bubbly and dance.

  6. So strong of you to be so real and open in a world where it is not always tolerated! Sometimes you just have to keep emoting to deal with it and I hope you will work through your anxieties and stuff! Keep going ❤👐💕

  7. Thank you for sharing:)))) it seems like you tubes that share their struggles and the "real reel" are the ones that actually make it. I appreciate your honesty, and I am soooo glad you feel like you are actively working through stuff to get better!!!

  8. It is so brave of you to show this vulnerable side and shop clips of you crying because I feel like sometimes people who only watch YouTube videos have to be reminded that youtubers themselves are human too and they feel the same way we feel sometimes. I really look up to you and I really hope (I'm 20 now) that I can be just as strong, mature and wise but also as funny and open minded as you are when I'm 25 💕

  9. I loveee that you shared part of your dance class!! Omg what a wonderful way to help others see it's not so scary pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to do something that's been on your mind! ♥️♥️ I had to pause the video and write this because I just burst with joy when I saw it!

  10. Kalyn, I can relate so much to the last part of your video talking about anxiety and emotions. I am in that place right now and dealing with severe depression. It is a very difficult space to get out of especially since it is "familiar". The "unknown" (vulnerable) space used to be so easy for me to tap into. Now, not so much! I, just like you, am withdrawing into myself a bit because it feels "safe" even though I am still deeply hurting emotionally. I definitely needed this vlog today and am so grateful that you have opened yourself up. Keep being wonderful and thank you for making me feel less alone! You are awesome!!!

  11. I am watching this vlog 3rd time already… It's weird, how come I miss you and understand you, your videos, fears, it is like i met her already or I know Kalyn ( I am subrscribed since 2014) … But really, it feels like I know Kalyn… Wish you wohld have known some of your subscribers like we know and love you 😍😍 greetings from Germany

  12. Hey Kalyn hun💖 you are so inspiring girl loves your vlog so much💖💖💖 wish you more success this year and it would be great if you do live in YouTube 🤗 much loves from Malaysia💓❤

  13. It was the best vlog you uploaded in 2020! I really love the part that you opened up and told us your problem.. I mean, the fact that you showed us that you also face some problems in your life and it's not everything perfect made us feel more related with you and have the hope that we can also have this beautiful and productive life you have! In 2017, I lost my grandfather, who I loved A LOT and it was really painful. In October 2019, I lost my grandma and 4 months later, today, my uncle, only 47 years old, is fighting with cancer and he is like my buddy, my friend. It's my last semester at the university so I had to deal with my dissertation, my courses and this awful feeling of fear of losing someone you love..again..You really helped me to think that a person who goes through difficult times in his/her life, it's not the end of the world and you still have the chance to have a nice life!! Thank you❤

  14. I've read that our souls or higher selves often choose the human life we lead because of the importance of the lesson, once that lesson has been experienced and learned it's our time to become of service to others who are struggling with said lessons…. theres an infinite reason to the struggle. Being able to share your experiences of your emotions is necessary and much needed. Its unfortunate that the haters are able to pick at and play on our insecurities, that is a reflection on them, and how we handle it, is a reflection on us. I've been following you for 5 years I think, when I'm feeling blah, down, blue, lazy, unmotivated… I tell myself I need some Kalyn. I will watch a few videos and I will find this inspiration to take some action, I will throw some laundry in, do dishes, clean something, or I will write or just mix a new playlist. You have an impact, a positive impact on many people and young women who need to he reminded that struggling is real. So please continue to be raw and unmerciful in your truth. Because you are a change that is needed in this world. Much love.

  15. im going through a lot of anxiety and worry due to financials and my job. its hard for me to see the good in life. i focus on the bad, too much. your videos are helping to display that its okay for me to live my life and how to prevent anxiety from ruining/controlling my life. Trust the process. coz it does gets easier but you gotta do it every day, thats the hard part. but it does get easier.

  16. I've never left a comment on your channel, although i've watched your videos for years.
    Thank you for opening up about your anxiety. Being a pisces is a blessing but can sometimes be a curse. Have you ever tried yin yoga? I love yoga in general but doing this type specifically every evening has made a huge change in my anxiety levels.

  17. Aw Kalyn this wonderful! Absolutely nothing wrong with being emotional. I feel like I relate to you that much more. As a fellow Pisces, it is kind of our hibernation mode right now. So it’s all good. I feel ya, but also inspired by you at the same time! Lol. I’m glad you’re trying to interact with your audience more! And that you tried hip hop! It’s difficult the first time, but it gets better. You’ll open up, and don’t have to be aggressive per se, just strong and proud. (: I thought you did awesome for your first time. Lots of love! <3

  18. Thank you so much Kalyn for your beautiful and wise words. You are truly an inspiration to a lot of us, I know that for a fact, and watching your videos always brings light and wisdom into my life. Thank you for making us want to become better people and thank you for being so true. Sending you love and light ❤❤

  19. I feel like you will be GREAT at hiphop! 🙂 I also have a really bubbly personality and I felt the exact same way you did when I first did hiphop. I now dance Salsa which I absolutely love and also teaches me to get out of my comfort zone and learn quite a few things about myself. I feel like dancing (especially hiphop) is really your thing! 🙂 Thanks for filming your session and inspiring me since 2017 <3

  20. Thanks u for all ur advise I suffer anxiety n depression it's hard to do stuff ……. Omg I been watching uuu for 6-7 years as it been that long that's crazy I'm still learning everyday about my anxiety n depression

  21. According to getting into dancing, you should definitely try contemporary dance… It's all about expressing emotions and it contains a lot of working fully with your body…
    Waking up feeling anxious with no apparent reason? These are my most difficult days and thinking about dance routines or working on my stretching has helped me cope with that!
    You're an amazing person and your 2020 videos are full of motivation and inspiration!

  22. I think at the end of each season you should do the best moments of all your weekly vlogs so like March you should do the best moments of your winter and follow it up in spring and continue into fall this year? It would be nice to have all of your best moments from a specific time in your life in one video right! Love you always Kayln you have helped me so much please continue to make videos like this 😅 – Brit Fan🇬🇧

  23. Everything is going to be ok 🤗 this is life and life is meant to be lived full with joy, love and tears and it’s all ok. It’s ok to feel the things you are feeling just be awear and live in the now and let it come to you, embrace everything that’s coming your way because it’s meant to teach us something 🤗🤗

  24. Omggg I love you so much! I watch your videos and relate SOOOO much. I e had awful anxiety where I couldn’t leave my house or get out of bed and to know I’m not alone is comforting. YOU GOT THIS! Love you so much and keep on crying girl! Sometimes ya gotta let it out and that’s ok!!💜

  25. Kalyn! Thank you SO much for opening up and being vulnerable about your struggles. I really appreciate the authenticity. We all love you so much and want the best for you💞 Hopefully things get easier for you very soon!! Thank you for constantly inspiring me❤️

  26. I'm gonna give you a virtual hug back. I hope you know how much you are loved by so many people. You literally helped me through some of my dark full of anxiety days. I hope you'll find what you're looking for this year and achieve everything you have planned for 2020. When you said you finally feel this feeling again about youtube, I kinda sense that. Something was missing last year and I cant put my finger on it. But this weekly vlogs bring the best version of youtuber Kalyn and the vibes that I got from watching it is the reason why I fall in love with your channel in the first place. Cant really explain it but yeah… You're thriving.

    Also, thanks for the CAS playlist. Been listening to it this past few days..

  27. Being open and vulnerable helps people more than you’ll ever know because I think most of us can relate and there’s something so healing about that. When we only show the highlight reel it can make viewers depressed because their life is nothing like that. You’re such a shinning light Kalyn ✨I’ve loved watching your journey and evolution. Thank you for creating this magical world that makes us all feel less alone 🧚‍♂️🌙🌕✨🌈

  28. I relate so much to hiding emotions, as well as trying to express more recently 💖💖💖 I've allowed myself to be shut down any time my emotions make things awkward or I feel like I was just being too much…and I am determined to embrace my "too much" rather than shutting down, but it's hard to unlearn that reaction! I love that you are able to post and own your feelings; you're an example I can use for my own emotional journey, so thank you for sharing so much of your own journey 💖🧡💛💚💙💜♓

  29. I really needed this right now and this is why I've been sticking up to your channel and with you for a few years now, you're genuine and you are able to talk about your emotions and your feelings in a very reassuring way. At the moment, I'm not in my best experience of life because I'm trying to reconnect with my emotions through therapy and deal with my anxiety, it's a long and rocky road but as I watch you talk about your experiences it really makes me want to hang on and try to do more to heal and finally be the best version of myself. I'm really thankful to have stumbled upon your channel randomly back in the days and so happy you are allowing us to follow you personal journey. Be well Kalyn.

  30. It makes me so happy to hear that you're loving doing these vlogs. I feel like you and I are in such similar life circumstances right now, and trust me it's so helpful to see you facing fears and anxiety head on. You inspire me every video, I'm so thankful for you!

  31. I am watching your videos since 2015. I am so glad I found your channel because everything you say, your journey through life inspire me. I am searching constantly and learning and trying to grow too so I can relate. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us 😀 May God bless you, Kalyn!

  32. Been there, single and living alone then add a roommate, add a boyfriend, lose the roommate then lose the boyfriend 😅 but honestly after your mid twenties it’s best to live alone.

  33. I needed to hear all of this. I had my heart broken at the beginning of 2019 and then at the end of 2019… it was like WTF?!?! Thank you for opening up and telling this story because there's a lot of us out there in the same boat as you are. Stay strong!

  34. This is such a trivial question for such a heart-felt clog, but I gotta know. WHERE do you find your tank tops, you always have the best ones that fit so damn spectacular and I need some quality tank tops in my life.

  35. Heartbreak is one of the toughest emotions to face. When we share ourselves with someone else we give them a little piece of our soul that we don't get back, and they give us a little piece of theirs. Which means when we enter the new season without them we are forever changed because of them. Take time to grieve and give thanks for that season you got to spend with them, and then fully embrace the 'new you' heading into a beautiful new season of love and growth. You got this sis.xx

  36. Hi Kalyn🖤 silent viewer here. I rarely comment, but I felt compelled to on this particular video✨ I just want you to know that I can relate so deeply regarding anxiety. I have Generalized Anxiety with Panic Disorder and it’s something that I deal with every single day. Keep up your routines of self-care and always do your best to be mindful of the present moment❤️

    Very recently I cut out coffee for just a week or so and it helped me quite a lot. I still have a cup when I want it, but sometimes taking a break from the caffeine for a few days to a week can tremendously help with my anxiousness. I know for us coffee lovers that sounds terrible, but trust me! Lots of love from Southern California, girl🖤

  37. I needed this. My anxiety has been at it's worse and it's been hard to cope. Watching videos like this help me put things in perspective and look at the positives. Thank you for sharing!

  38. Kalyn, you know how you said you see a part of someone's soul and you just want to spend time with it? Not only do I relate so so hard. But anxiety is a part of you and I follow your channel to spend more time with your soul. I love it when you share from the heart 💕 keep it coming

  39. Thank you so much for being so authentic and vulnerable. It’s crazy to be in a place in your life where anxiety takes over and I’ve felt so much of the struggles you have lately it’s just really comforting to know someone successful on a platform can be open about this and help people like me realize how normal and human it is to have anxiety and heartbreak but still turn it into something beautiful by trying everyday ❤️ love your videos

  40. I love you SO much! I’ve watched your videos for years and I genuinely feel like we’re all just a big family trying to maneuver life and all the shit it throws at us. I’ve learned so much about myself and my anxiety through you being so honest and vulnerable through your content and I just love your videos and love you and this sweet little koze fam we are ❤️

  41. I Love this update on your personal life, i can barely talk to my close friends about anxiety and other struggles and to see you express it openly really makes me feel like I'm not alone with my problems. ❤️


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