Othercide Review


Othercide reviewed by T.J. Hafer on PC, also available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.



  1. This is like when an anime tries to make an all female cast for waifu reasons but, it's actually done right? and not an obvious fanservice attempt? also all the lovecraftian lore is awesome

  2. "Best turn-based tactics game of the year"… Did this guy really say that??? HA! How many of these that are decent have come out this year?

  3. Thanks for the review Mr. Hafer. I think the forgiving approach to Currency-By-Death works for this game. If its a preference between Dark Souls style and Ghost of Tsushima style, I prefer Ghost's where death is a lesson rather than a punishment. Better than the alternative from Sunless Seas where you have choose one of a few options to bring back and they increase after finishing certain quests (Ex. Money, items or a Map that makes the partially changing region fixed in place). Fortunately, Sunless Skies fixes a lot of this by having items, ships, and experience carry over (and even adds narrative to what your previous captains have accomplished. It's a game by game basis, but they all provide desperately needed challenge, prestige, and critical thinking to video games. Anyone's who's beaten a Legend of Zelda game understands that.

  4. This game is very mediocre but given a high score because it has all female cast. Typical IGN dogshit disingenuous journalism.

  5. This looks cool, and I really dig the style and esthetic. But I HATE rogue likes, and have a really hard time understanding why anyone would want to play a game built that way. It's on my radar if it ever gets cheaper, I guess.

  6. I like the Art style and the soundtrack of this game, seems fantastic. But why Rogue-like? I hate this game genre. For me, one of the worst things on the games industry is this genre of Rogue-like

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