Our Christmassy Girls day in London! | Vlogmas


Indie and I have our first girls day in London at Christmas 🙂
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  1. Really love these London/ street vlogs. Also, I just want to say I'm always amazed at how parents are able to "communicate" with their kids in their gibberish talks. Hahahah so cute!

  2. What an adorable wholesome vlog! It made me so happy! I love this little tradition you've started with Indie and I can't wait to watch it in future vlogmasses too. I hope you're feeling better and not too stressed with the Christmas rush too. Sending my love! xo

  3. Happy holidays and birthday to Indie. It's good practice taking children Indie's age out sometimes even though it's challenging cause it teaches them how to behave and just getting them use to the process. I have a feisty daughter and I took those opportunities as a teaching tool. Yes they will get frustrated but I just breathe and remain calm. Love you Samantha 🌺

  4. You totally should be proud of yourself for taking her on days out. It wasn’t until I started working in a school that I realised so many children don’t have those experiences and it really impacts their learning xx

  5. hi sammi! always in awe of your consistent content, especially during the holidays. Indie is so grown up now, it's crazy! Loved being a part of your family Christmas traditions. i know it's probably a pain but would love it if you could link those jeans at 3:55! xx

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  7. Your little doll is getting so big….aren't they fun at this age? Treasure each and every memory your making with Indie. She's a lovely child. They grow so fast. Feel better…love hope your Christmas was wonderful and Happy new year.


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