Picard Episode 3 Totally Changed the Classic Borg Hugh (SPOILERS)


SPOILER ALERT! In Episode 3 of Star Trek: Picard, we finally got to revisit another classic character in Jonathan Del Arco’s Hugh the Borg… though he’s very different from what he was like on The Next Generation! IGN’s Star Trek fans – Jesse B. Gill, Scott Collura, Jim Vejvoda, and Corrado Caretto – analyze this and more from the episode, “The End Is the Beginning,” including whether or not Starfleet is being duped by the Romulans, what is going on on that Borg cube, and what we think of Picard’s new crew.

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  1. This show is based on a lie. They make it painfully clear romulans were against AI as a sort of base for their current posture. However on season 3 of TNG the episode "The Defector" it's made clear to Data that there is a host of Romulan cyberneticists who would love to be that close to him. I believe this show was and his handled by people that barely knew TNG beyond the 3 or 4 cornerstone things (Q, Data, Borgs, Romulans) and just ran with it.

  2. CNC Clancy mentioned that 14 species threatened to leave the Federation if Starfleet expended anymore resources to help Romulans. In the Disco future, it seems that the Fed collapsed to only core worlds. It seems the producers are foreshadowing the decline of the Federation.

  3. The ONLY reasonable even outcome would be: the Cube re-establishing connection to the Borg Collective, and assimilating the universe, and then all mirror/multiverses.
    Because the Borg deserve that after what the writers put them through, for one.

  4. Suggesting that the move to season arcs and mini-arcs was a Discovery innovation is flat wrong. Star Trek was on the leading edge of moving to long story arcs back in DS9, when almost no one else was doing it. And it's what made DS9 such a great series.

    Discovery was much less skilled in its implementation – maybe because this format is now old hat, and has lots of lazy tropes that have developed and are present in Discovery. Hopefully the team have learned and are able to make Picard much better.

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