Productive Night Routine // SUMMER


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Also hope you guys enjoyed this night routine β™‘
Comment down below and video requests you guys have for Youtober. I’ll be making the video list tomorrow.

Home Sweet Home – Stuart Evans Music

Amarante – Denial



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  1. 1. hair goals. seriously.
    2. what do you use for your current skin care routine? specifically, what kind of makeup remover do you use? I'm struggling to find a good and affordable brand that is also cruelty free.

  2. Hi! I love your videos, I watch them all! I want to ask…
    I have a small channel and I want to film a routine video, but it seems a lot of work for only one person…
    Do you have some one to help you or you do it all by yourself?
    Thank you! And sorry for my english…
    Bug kiss from Spain!

  3. So if I could I'd like to leave a constructive comment! But I mean it in the best way ever haha!!!! Is there any way maybe you could use a mic? So it's not so Echo-y haha! I STILL LOVE YOU just think maybe we could hear you better that way?

  4. I am so glad I ran into your channels…I have 3 beautiful girls…one is 17 and my oldest is 21 and my youngest is 5. You are what my two older girls really need to hear. Love what you are all about and getting our young adults motivated and positive, and most important showing the world that how you can truly fine your true self when you take time to find out yourself my taking time figuring your self out. God Bless you… you are doing a wonderful thing for all the young adults heading out into the real world..Oh and I love your hair long …its you!

  5. Hi Kalyn! I am currently binge watching all your videos and I love them, I feel so productive and motivated already and I haven't even done anything, I'm just sitting here having breakfast haha. Thanks for that babe x …and also, I can't stop wondering where you got your lovely bedding from?

  6. I love u so much . I love ur styyleeee and ur house . Ur hair . U are cute . And of course ur videos . They are amaziiiing ….. β€πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ooooow plzzz answer

  7. I contributed to translating your video in Greek. You do film your videos very nicely, it looks like you put efort into them, no mainstream editing which I realy appreciate. I hope someday I get to make a youtube channel myself, it was my dream back when I was in school and Youtube was not even a thing, but I find it too overwhelming to find good quality content and figure out how to do the marketing stuff…
    Keep up the good job,
    Love and Kisses from Greece.


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