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NUXE Body Oil –

Bare Minerals Skin Longevity power infusion serum –

DIOR Maximiser 3D primer .-

Charlotte Tilbury Super model body shimmer –


  1. I bought that bare minerals gift box, including serum, night gel and day cream. Love the serum and night gel, however I hate how much perfume is in them. I think it could be irritating for my face, but I look over it. Day cream is with spf 30 and damn, it makes me look like a whitest paper ever.

  2. Omg I used to watch you waaay back in the day and I'm glad to see you're still here looking as beautiful as ever. Please do an updated perfume collection!

  3. I’m absolutely loving your recent uploads Sammie 🤗 I think it’s because you can really tell you’ve enjoyed making them too 💕 Hope you’re having a lovely weekend xxx

  4. Hi there! I just came here to say that I LOVE your jewellery line – I am saving up to buy some! I am so excited – they are so simple and elegant and the fact that you have all of the pieces in silver, gold AND rose is a total GODSEND 😀 Thanks!

  5. Loved it ! Completely forgot about the biz products, need to get me some oils from them, honestly I’m up for any journey you want to take us on 😘😋

  6. Love this! I feel like this way you can spread the word about … underdog products, and products that you may never have picked up otherwise…? If you get what i mean? Idk… lol! But I am super interested in a haircare routine, both for your wigs AND natural hair. Hair masks, oils, conditioners and heat protectants. I´d love to see that! Also, stay safe in this troubling time, I´m in London as well and can´t go home because my country is closed. So let´s stay happy and healthy together xx

  7. She is such a gem, her transparency is so refreshing. I’ve been a fan since beautycrush and I love that we were able to see her grow 💙 sending positive vibes, Sammy. You’re amazing, don’t forget it

  8. Your cover photo of Nuxe single handily prompted me to click! I just replenished mine like a couple months ago. I got it as a gift awhile back and ended up not buying a new one until recently. It makes my skin soooo soft and it smells absolutely divine. I would bath in it if I could😂

  9. I hate the Nivea scents so much lmao. it's the only lotion that works for skin so I used and recommended it for years, but I just can't do it anymore lool

  10. 2 minutes in and I'm crying with laughter, I love the smell of Nivea too, it reminds me of my childhood and its a top body lotion! Ooh might have to pop out and get some once I have finished my week of self isolation!

  11. I wouldn’t usually do this but I’ve uploaded my unsung hero products video today. So if you liked this you may like mine 😉 Always love your content so chuffed I was on your wavelength!! Love the kiehls mask as well.

  12. I have been using the nuxe oil for 8 years and I love it, I always have a backup only because I am scared they might reformulate it. ❤️ Looking gorgeous as always 😍

  13. hey sam, can you do a maintenance video? like the types of things you might do to maintain or perk yourself up beauty and skin care wise? long time subscriber here but i never comment >.<

  14. I need that nuxe body oil so bad. I picked it out when I was in Italy at a pharmacy and when I put it on my face everyone asked why my face looked like it was glowing. It gives you a beauty glow!!! I live in the States and can’t get it unless I order it online… !!!

  15. No sure Nivea or Dior have a great composition when it comes to their cosmetics and skincare (or makeup). These companies do not sell organic or non-toxic products, very respectful for the skin or the planet. I won't promote them.

  16. Love the idea of this video series Sam…btw does anyone else here feel like Mac is totally forgotten about?! I would say Charlotte Tilbury and newer brands have swallowed up their share of the market. Shame because Mac is imo the most consistent brand – generally most of their products are excellent.

  17. Hey! your just absolutely refreshing and pretty. I would love to see a video about relationship advice what to do to keep the love between you and your partner. Thank you xoxo

  18. Oh Sammy, the NUXE oil is my favorite thing I have. I also have it in the floral scent (the pink one). They are absolutely amazing for the hair, gives the hair a great shine and scent.


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