Quarantine Diaries? I rearranged my office & cut my hair (lol)


Well…I guess this is the start of quarantine diaries? This vid starts with footage from my night at the Treehouse hotel a few weeks ago and then the home-vlogs begin! Prepping for life at home with a toddler!

Treehouse hotel – https://www.treehousehotels.com/london
REN Skincare – https://www.treehousehotels.com/london

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– My camera: Canon 5D Mark 4
– My vlog camera: Canon G7X
– My lens: Canon 35mm / 24-70mm
– Editing software: Finalcut Pro X
– Music: Epidemic sound


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  1. Hey guys, I hope you're staying safe! Please let me know of ANY content that might cheer you up or be helpful for you at the moment and i'll do my best to create it 🙂 I feel like mums especially need some ideas right now for how to keep kids entertained! xxx

  2. Hi Sammi. I loved the vlog, particullary the second part at home. thanks 🙂 I feel your very much with your breakouts atm. I love how you address the topic so "normal" as every other topic. I quite often struggel to address my breakouts and show my "pale" skin in public (haha, which is obv not the case right now). xx

  3. Missed you lots, hope you're doing well! Since you were wondering, I would say book in to a dermatologist, it would just save you lots of time and energy and money (in most cases). And also feel free to search for a dermatologist you really trust; I've been to so many due to struggling with severe acne since 12 (I'm now 23) and honestly whilst science is a constant, dermatologists' approaches do vary and if you don't feel comfortable or you feel they care about you and you trust them then it's not a good match! Feel free to take your time and find your match and then you'll have trust in the process and be able to relax a bit. Hope this helps xxx

  4. Wow, I really loved this vlog! I always love seeing you cut your hair yourself, it always turns out really nice! I do at home work out routines myself, it really does help to get you going. I love your office setup and can't wait to see your natural hair update. Muah!😘

  5. Where I am In canada everything is closed except essential services. I work at a drugstore, so I legit still be working til the world ends lol fml thanks for the videos you have been my faves youtuber for years!!! 💜

  6. kinda fun video would be: you collecting some tattoo-artist names and what kind of tattoos you would get and where if they were all for free
    another: always very nice to see is a Q&A, cooking sounded pretty damn good too, maybe more in to depths talks about series you liked so far, a video about countries you would want to visit in the future and why, maybe a re-watch video of a collection of videos you liked in the past (seeing you comment it while watching) – (lol my ideas are so random, and my English pretty bad lol, sorry).
    Anyway, have a safe and nice time at home with lots of sunshine, greetings from south of Bavaria

  7. Sammi check out Dr Sam Bunting. Also, Pamela Nicole Marshall is doing online skin consultations at the moment. I feel like we have similar skin. Both of these women are known for sorting acne. I have exhausted all derm options to no avail so trying Pamela to see if it helps x

  8. People that have Asthma are really high risk and once infected do not have a high survival rate do matter if you're young or old. Please stay safe Sammy 💛💛💛💛💛💛💞!

  9. I 100% recommend Dr Ewoma from @skndoctor on all socials! She’s a licensed doctor which is great as she can do prescriptions and also take a holistic approach to your skin! She also does FaceTime consultations including product recommendations ☺️ she also does AMAZING facials and more! 100% recommend it, check out her stories for reviews, before & after and more

  10. Slapped check syndrome is an infection rather than virus and can lead to tonsillitis and needing antibiotics. Glad you’re all feeling better now 💕 Keeps the vlogs coming please, love them.

  11. I would love to see more of Franklin and Odin! Walks, how you feed them, you hanging out with them, playing with them… that would be so nice, especially in times like these, it would be really therapeutic to see the two of them. Wishing you all the best, stay safe and healthy!

  12. Sammi, batch cooking videos of meals you like would be so good to watch! Am so stuck with meal ideas & don’t want to keep snacking! I am now home from uni as it’s shut due to the virus, so I’ve been finding it hard to do coursework & work from home so any advice on how to keep motivated & plan out work would be amazing! Stay well X

  13. your house in general but especially your office looks beautiful sammi, also you don't have to change it up so much I feel like we don't get bored at all, it rather creates a stronger bond between us cause we identify the place you're in, haha also I'm an OG so I'm down for whatever at this point lol no big deal in both cases. also two things caught my attention so much in this vid, girl please wet your face before putting the cleanser on, use a little bit more product, and try to get rid of using washclothes use water instead please, it irritates your skin and water cleans better. washclothes stick the dirt right into your skin. I'm looking forward to your skin update! Mine is a wreck right now. I was SparkleDarlingXo before I finally decided to grow up and change my gmail adress and I used to always comment on your vids, I feel like I should do that more in this account and during these days where we all need to communicate more. I love you and your little bubbly ass personality so much, x

  14. More girl talks Sam? Cooking, baking 👌🏼 home workouts if you’re doing them? XxXxX stay safe. Take care and thank your for posting xxXxx

  15. Your videos are an amazing distraction from self isolating. As a student nurse these times are mental so yeah great distraction…I love your earrings, where are they from?!? X

  16. Hi Sammi!! So good to see you! Here in Boston in the USA, we’re on lockdown. No dining in restaurants and all stores are closed. My job is letting me work from home which I’m so grateful for. Maybe you could film an updated morning routine with indie!!

  17. Please bring back old school YT videos. Celebrity inspired make up looks, online shopping hauls, monthly favorites, and of course some daily vlogs with the dogs, indie/Jason, and cooking! Also indie playing in makeup with you or on herself would be hilarious!

  18. I love your videos, thank you so much for sharing with us! also, really good call on not seeing your pregnant hair lady since parvovirus B19 that causes slapped face syndrome is actually very dangerous for the foetus! anyway you look gorgeous as always, keep it up and stay safe ♡

  19. you look gorgeous per usual!! Anyway, I'd LOVE to see some tags,challenges,and chatty mukbang. I feel like you and Jason have the best chemistry and would make it so fun!

  20. Natacha’s Workouts are so good 😍 You should also try the one’s from Pamela Reif. She’s a German influencer and her workouts are killer 🔥 (manageable though haha)

  21. Oooo you should try some korean skincare products! Not offering advice for your skin. Just wanted to give you something new to play with since you like skincare and if it helps your skin, even better! (It has with mine just because those products are so gentle. I pretty much only break out minimally during my period and I'm ok with that.)

    If you're interested, try these brands: Missha, Be plain, IUNIK, the saem, cosrx. Beautynetkorea have so many sample sizes.

    And for content. Cooking ideas would be pretty fun to watch. Shop your closet for new spring ideas. How to style blazers please. Or outfits for indie!

  22. Hi Sammi! Thank you for sharing this content, I would love a « fashion » video about what to wear at home without wearing the same tracksuit bottom everyday… ☺️😄comfy but stylish though 🙂 maybe with the upcoming Spring-summer trends (obviously with your « old » clothes, I don’t want anybody to go in shops!) + (vegan) recipes 🙂
    I am French and we have been under total lock down for 5 days and people are starting to take it seriously, please take it seriously there is a disaster in Italy and we are really ready for a big wave here in France. So please please everyone reading this wherever you are in the world: stay home (except for food shopping obviously and a few steps outside to get a bit of fresh air)
    Stay home if you don’t have to go to work, wash your hands and stay home so that the nurses/doctors (etc) can do their job… they sadly have so many people to take care of! 🙏🏽🏠
    Take care

  23. Ha ha, I used to pick roses from my grans garden and make perfume – totally forgot about that till now. Hope you and your family are keeping well, I have been in for a week and have caught up on all my cleaning and am starting to climb the walls!

  24. For the natural hair video, do you have a plan for how long you’ll protective style? From experience, the longer your hair gets it makes wigs more difficult, and more work overall.

  25. Yess! I’m here for the cooking videos, baking videos! Also the natural hair update sounds greatt! Maybe also some day in my life videos, or what we eat in a day videos, meal preps ect? Its good to see you feeling a bit better 🙂 hope everything is going well for you x

  26. You literally just stopped all vids on your vlog channel…. like that’s why I watch you lol. I think ur vlogs are just more interesting than the products you review from your PR packages you get. I like your vlogs because I feel like we get to see who you really are and not a curated video about products. BUT I do like your clothing hauls.

  27. I ❤️ the idea of you cooking. There are some dishes you’ve made that I loved trying ❤️🥰 also I live in AZ and we aren’t in total lock down but I’m sure it’s gonna get there


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