Rachel Hollis’ Unexpected Use for Champagne Bottles is Genius | Fridge Tours | Women’s Health


Rachel Hollis gives us a peek inside her refrigerator, and — no surprise here — it includes some wonderful tools for motivation and goal-setting alongside all the groceries. The author of “Girl, Wash Your Face,” “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and the forthcoming “Didn’t See That Coming” talks us through her approach to fridge organization and how she fuels a healthy lifestyle for herself and her four kids.

Learn more about Rachel’s RISE app: https://letsriseapp.com/

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  1. She fasts for 16 hours a day? I take that to mean, "I consume only two 'meals' a day, one of which is a green smoothie which I tell anyone who will listen is disgusting. See, fam? Being thin is easy!"


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