Reaction to Donald Trump Winning Election (from Joe Rogan Experience #870)


This clips is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #870 with Bert Kreischer (, also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (


  1. In no world was Hilary Clinton a better option than now President Trump. People who voted for her are and were willfully ignorant of her corruption and lies, or just voting along party lines mindlessly.

  2. He said he voted for hillary like it was box he needed checked 😆 by uninformed fan base. God i wish Patrice O'neal was alive. He wasnt one to be shaped by his fans lol he'd make Burt nervous.

  3. In Berts defense, he's "in". If you want to be broadcasted on television, and popular amongst the masses, and allowed to say controversial things, and want to avoid as much harassment as you can, every day you're alive, you vote BLUE. Not saying he's informed, but on Joe Rogan you talk about things openly and it's immediately available online to millions. So while it's a frontier into honest media, of sorts, you're going to see REAL people talking in REAL time, not rehearsed and scripted and a lot of notes for speaking points. I'd prefer to watch a guy talk about something honestly and uninformed, than see someone who's completely informed, repeat the same narrative every day to hope the truth isn't readily available.

  4. The Canadian immigration website crashing was fake news. It didn't happen. There was never a rush of American citizens emigrating to Canada. There was a small rush of Muslims illegaly crossing into Canada.

  5. "I guess people are okay with grabbing women by the pussy"
    Ohhh I guess Bert voted for Hillary because he thinks black people are super predators too then. Get that weak shit outta here

  6. This is an absolute no brainer, your country is now ruling the world economically, the only people upset are idiots running round screaming bs like 'patriarchy' and 'priviledge'. Victor mwntality Vs victim mentality – id rather be a victor

  7. "We need to delete his twitter"… Why? So media can continue to sell a manipulated version of something the President said? I want the speech from the source..context and all.

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