[Real miss A] episode 7. Guide Min’s Broadcasting Station Tour


[Real miss A] episode 7. Guide Min’s Broadcasting Station Tour

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  1. Well I think since it seems like they can't produce an episode together as a group they should to it seperatly like this …
    It's better than forcing them into a room full of cameras and telling them to fake that they're close (which actually is a very common thing in the Kpop world, not all groups are as close as they seem on screen). So props to JYPE that they're not forcing them to fake their relationship. I'm sure the girls get along well but their realtionship is probably the one of co-workers or something like that. They're also only doing their job like someone who's working in an office expect they're working in the music industry. They don't have to be joined by the hip and do pyjama parties where they tell each other their deepest secrets. They all renewed their contracts with JYPE so they're obviously getting along on the colleague-level.

  2. Sera cierto que las miembros de Miss A no se llevan bien entre ellas? tengo entendido que Jia y Fei son cercanas pero se dice que las demas no :/

  3. Idk but the bond in this group doesn't exist. I mean maybe the China line is close but, yeah I know that JYP 'formed' this group but you can really see that they aren't close , they are working for like 6 years together already. But as long as they can perform very well idk it is just plain weird

  4. 뭔 대기실에서 맴버간에 대화한번없냐.. 보통 누가 카메라들고있으면 옆에 껴서 같이 찍고그러는데 미쓰에이는 누가 카메라들고있으면 절대 안끼어들고 순서대로 돌아가면서 리얼카메라찍고있네

  5. The proper TV stations for her are something like 1660am 87.7fm Korean Radio NYC WNBC 4 WABC 7 WCBS 2 those are the stations she listened to before going to the girl group. AM radio news 880 WCBS-AM

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