Resident Evil 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch? – IGN Now


The demo for the remake Resident Evil 3 has been datamined, and modders have found an interesting bit of code that references the Nintendo Switch. Is a port coming soon?



  1. "Theres no new model of the switch this year" When has Nintendo EVER let people know whats coming until it appears on a Direct? Also Nintendo said there was not going to be a new model of the 3ds then boom new 3ds Xl came out the next month.

  2. No and here's why.
    Re2 maybe was considered for switch but the not so successful Re7 on switch via cloud for japan only changed the mind of the devs and abandoned the project.
    Re3 was built using many assets including the base code of Re2. Maybe this line of code got carried along within the base code.
    I can be wrong about this and maybe we might get re3 on switch after a few months OR an RE remake bundle for switch in the near future but right now, chances are way less.

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