Self-Care Sunday | simple things I do to have a great week!


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  1. Thanks for also being honest and saying you don't always do these. IIt is important to point out that self care can just be caring about yourself to do something fun or chill. 🤙🏼 Loved the video.

  2. you're so cute. loved the "make time for loved ones". sunday is my lazy day, most likely spent with my boyfriend! but also getting a few things done later on ensures i'll feel better about going into the week ahead. enjoy your honeymoon with pat! xoxo

  3. I don’t like fabletics leggings. They feel and look cheap , but this video idea was cute. I think the other self care stuff you mentioned was helpful to hear. I try to do at least 1-2 of these things every weekend to relax

  4. I divide my Sunday time: working in and around my house, prepping for the week, and some self care. It is truly a great feeling to start the new week with intention, organization, and feeling relaxed and refreshed🥰

  5. Hey Tess! Loved this video 😍 I was wondering if you ever workout and if yes what do you do and how often? You are just so beautiful and have such a nice body shape that I was wondering how you do that 🥰

  6. Self care is my priority since the end of last year and I can feel I'm loving my life more! I also love journaling, help me understand what I truly feel and what's the best way to approach it positively! Watching your videos also one of my self care 🙂 Keep shining, Tess! ✨

  7. Great ideas Tess. Really enjoyed watching this video. These things can sometimes seem self explanatory but a lot of us forget to do them. So thanks for the reminder😘💖

  8. how has your hair grown so fast? ahhh im so jealous… I cut my hair to the mid length you had it as for a while and love it so much but now I miss my long hair! it takes forever to grow… do you do anything to help the growth?

  9. Hey Tess, I’d love to see a “Home office” video! What works for you, tips, how to stop working etc. Love your videos (still after 5 years) ♥️

  10. I just realized randomly watching this video that I have been watching your videos for so long and I still get excited when I see a new video uploaded from you! It’s funny because I love watching different you tubers too but I find that I will go weeks without watching someone’s videos or just switch it up from time to time. I have never done that with your channel, though. You are such a breath of fresh air and you only get better with time…AND you are the only person I find not annoying with sponsored videos haha That’s special. I just wanted to say that lol sending all my love 💕

  11. Omg loved this video it was a bit different than what you normally do. I used to watch your routine videos back on the day. More videos like these please it was so much fun to watch💜💕


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