Star Wars: The Coolest Ways People are Celebrating May The Fourth!


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Today is May the Fourth and we are rounding up all the weirdest and most unique ways people are celebrating Star Wars today!

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  1. Mine started at 12 am last night watching star wars movies and rogue one before new hope showed a friend them who and no watch them only seen The force awakens and rogue one.

  2. Star Wars day was better the last couple of years the year befor the force awakens and the year before Rogue one had great deals and cool stuff this year not so much I guess this year is The Last of the Jedi

  3. Well, since they changed the format for Mass a few years ago it is no longer "and also with you." Now it is, "peace be with you." Followed by, "and with your spirit."

  4. Rick is Han Solo cuz he was in Carbonite (coma) at the beginning, Daryl is Chewbacca cuz he's quiet and hairy and has a crossbow.
    Luke was Glenn cuz he was the going smart ass giving Rick the hard time about the vehicle he was in.

  5. I could be wrong, but I think that Lucasfilm attempted to market "Star Wars Day" annually on May 25, but fans organically preferred "May the Fourth" was WAY funnier to celebrate with the pun. This is similar to the viral nature of celebrating "Pi Day" on March 14th. Both caught on because people liked the puns and thought each worth celebrating.

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