The Untold Story Of Logan Paul And Ayla’s Relationship


Logan Paul is such a popular YouTuber that we dont really need to give him an introduction. All you need to know is that his life is so busy that he needs to hire a personal assistant to help him manage it all. We all know that his current assistant is Lydia, but do you remember when Ayla Woodruff used to work for him? Ayla said that she quit her job as Logan’s assistant to focus on her vlogging career, but is there more to this story than meets the eye? Watch our video to hear The Untold Story Of Logan Paul And Ayla’s Relationship.

A lot of people assume that Ayla mustve been completely in love with Logan while she was working for him. Because who could resist his good looks and boyish charm? But Ayla wasnt even a fan of Logans work before becoming his assistant. In fact, the only YouTuber that she watched on a regular basis was Liza Koshy. Plus, Ayla has been in a serious relationship with Mackinzie Dae for the past few years. Were sorry to disappoint you, but Layla was never a real couple.

Did you know that Ayla considers herself to be Kongs mom? While Logan thinks that she should only have stepmom status, Ayla used to take far better care of Kong than he did. From shielding Kong from Logans craziness to taking him out on walks, Ayla would do anything for this dog. But youll have to keep watching to see why Ayla, Logan, and Kong once ended up in a bathtub together.

From Logan always throwing plates at Ayla to her hitting him whenever he did something stupid, theres a lot to learn about this duos relationship. Make sure to keep watching until the end to see if you’d have what it takes to be Logan Paul’s personal assistant.

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