Thrift Tips: Quick Alterations (No Sewing)


Episode 29: Thrifted clothes in all sizes and it’s up to you to manipulate them to fit to your body type. Here are some quick and fast ways you can alter it for the time being. As for cutting, you should hem it if you want it to last.

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Ra Ra Riot – Too Dramatic (Morning Benders Remix)
Nottee – Young Modern Life


  1. u girls have the best style!! I love ur videos and all of ur tips. Thanks a lot! and keep up the good work!! 🙂 and ps. I recently started thrift shopping and u girl were one of my inspirations. I love thrifting now

  2. I'm probably the most excited when I see your videos pop up in my subscriptions over anyone else. your fashion sense is perfection, and the styling is always flawless! never stop making these videos!

  3. @clothesencounters 😛 blegh! I just called to see if they'd take em back and they said they don't accept returns on shoes 🙁 uncool. But, I've learned now. Hey, if anyone is lookin for some clog ~4" heels, holler! Thanks again for the advice ladies!

  4. How comfortable are those Jeffrey Campbell shoes? Can you walk around for more than 3 hours in them and not have your feet hurting?

    I asked this question in your last video but you never answered :/

  5. @st803120 That's strange. This is the first time I've shown those JC shoes in a video. @_@ Anyway, yes they're really comfortable. If you're walking around for three hours, I wouldn't recommend them. I think if you're walking around anywhere for three hours straight, your feet will start hurting unless you were wearing some sort of athletic shoe or flat. Hope this helps!

  6. @fashionmusicgleek The dress that I cut, it would definitely fray! It really depends on the material. If you're working with jersey then it wouldn't fray while washing. If you can, you should always hem. This was just a quick fix if you don't have time. ( :

  7. @LooveLiveLaugh Thank you! It's called Too Dramatic by Ra Ra Riot and Young Modern Life by Nottee. All the songs are listed at the very end and the description box.

  8. Hey! thanks for the tips! just wondering if the shoes from Forever21 are actually comfortable or having any lasting quality. Thanks! i do like their designs and trends but i've never tried their shoes because i feel they may just be designed to look good but dont wear well.

  9. those velvet shorts are an amazing find!
    i always cut the bottoms off of long skirts and wear the part i cut off as a circle scarf (not with the matching skirt of course).

  10. I never saw a youtube guru with the Lita's, you guys are so different when it comes to fashion trends. You guys should make a chictopia or a lookbook. Btw, the Lita's look stunning on you Jenn, I bought 3 pairs, can't get enough of them. You girls should keep making videos, everybody loves watching them.

  11. how did you cut the dress? did you cut it in half? and what thing did you use to trace it? haha sorry, im so bad with fashion:) glad your videos are making me a bit less bad:)

  12. You guys have the most amazing fashion sense, I really love it. And those SHOES. Ahhh lskjdfsd
    I actually had few pieces I needed to alternate, this is going to be helpful.

  13. i always feel a little weird wearing hats out, especially if i'm going to class, because i never know if i should keep the hat on or off..haha 🙁

  14. Ahaha OMG I use the exact same tips as you guys. xD Whenever I get shirts from Salvation Army or my mum's closet, I either roll the sleeves, tuck it in, or belt it. Tada problem(s) solved!

  15. I think instead of thrift tips you guys should just record your trip to the thrift stores. I'd be much more interested in seeing what you guys buy and such while you're in the environment.

  16. Wow the oversized jean top that Jen had was a completely different look after she transformed it. Really makes me think more about the clothes in my closet and what I can do with them!

  17. @melonalove1 I agree. There are so many clothes I have that I no longer wear but these girls have given me a ton of ideas 🙂 (although i am going to donate the ones I don't feel like altering and wearing again)

  18. i love to dress "fashionably" (i.e., heelsm, skirts, blazers) out with my family like to the zoo or to model for my mom's and my own blog,
    but at school i have more of a scene style because its easier to put together in a hurry, and i walk to school

  19. damn it! i saw a really cute striped mens shirt at a op shop, but i didnt buy it because i thought it was too big, i shouldve watched this before i went! hopefully its still there xx

  20. I LOVE the outfit you incorporated the jean shirt into! I never would have thought you got the shirt so big or that those gorgeous velvet shorts were form goodwill.

  21. how do you make sure that the ends don't fray for the last dress since you've cut it to make it shorter??
    please answer!!!!! and btw i found you guys last week and i can't stop watching your videos, they are so helpful!!! and I love the variety of music that you play in your videos.

  22. omg finally! I've had that exact same button down demin shirt but a size smaller and i've been trying to figure out how to wear it FOREVER it looks sooooooo much better now 😀 THANK YOU!


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