Tighten and Tone Your Arms With This Quick Workout


This is the ultimate workout for strong, sculpted arms. Grab a set of dumbbells, and get ready to burn out those muscles!


  1. I have a lot of trouble with pushups too, even when I'm on my knees. For other videos, I go with wall pushups, but that doesn't look like it would work here. Can I sub a cobra pushup to work my tris?

  2. HI, I will be 53 next week and wanted to know if I should do these exercises every day or every other day? By the way, I love the workout.

  3. this is a great workout! I've kind of lost my groove after not working out for a few days, but this workout brings me right back into the rhythm!!

    I have a question. During this workout (narrow push up) my right hand was feeling like it was being stretched out. do you have any suggestions for how to fix that?

  4. Gotta keep those elbows back on the bicep curls. The only thing moving should be your forearms. If you let your arm swing forward, you're not isolating the bicep.

  5. Can someone please guide me how to loose very very fat arms and i am 50 lbs overweight and i am new to workouts..i want my arms to look like Anna! I know its more to ask but i am committed to get it. Please i wish to get guidance.

  6. great workout but I can't stand that woman in the pink top! Mardia, I think, she's horrid! that was so mean calling the other girl show off. it was unnecessary and she keeps piping up throughout the workout. like she wants to be this person who's bringing a lot of energy but her comments just come off as cringe-worthy and irrelevant.

  7. I love your workouts… so hard yet motivating, fun and ever-so-changing. Please tell me where can I buy those long sleeveless shirts that you girls are wearing in this video. Thanks!! …. Keep being awesome!!!

  8. I can't do even 1 push up, even from my knees. I've been working out my arms for about a year, gradually increasing my weights from nothing. I did this routine with 5kg in each hand. Any tips to build up my stength for push ups?


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