Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Official Deep State Trailer


Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Episode 2 is available today, in addition to the release of the Title Update 2.0 which features a new story adventure including eight narrative missions where players will team up with Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher, two new classes, a new game mode: The Ghost Experience, and more.



  1. Ubisoft just killing us with this i still remember playing the first splinter cell in the first generation xbox and still kept playing the series until an epic story line ended in blacklist but now putting him in this two ghost recons atleast we deserve one last game

  2. I kinda know where this is going now on every update my bet is on the next update it's going to involve the Future Soldier franchise Mitchell is coming back with Kozak just like in Wildlands to continue their story on Blovia just like what they did now on Fisher.

  3. So Ubisoft… you wont make a new splinter cell, but you will tease us for each ghost recon installment with sam fisher dlc, for like what just 4 missions? How much is this going to cost? And do you accept Paypal?

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