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Welcome to Power Ranking, a show where YOU the fans get to vote on your favorite things in video games, movies, TV and whatever else the internet is excited about. With Pokémon Journeys: The Series: Part 2 out now on Netflix here in the US, we wanted to know what your favorite Pokemon anime TV shows or seasons were! We got a ton of responses, but there were 5 Pokemon seasons in particular that stood above the rest. From the Indigo League to Diamond and Pearl, which Pokemon show took the top spot? We left the voting to you! Find out on Power Ranking!

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  1. The new series however is going to become the best one in my honest opinion. Been following the japanese subs and i have to say the biggest point in its favor is that there is practically 0 filler episodes. Its always something that seems will matter by the climax, either ash catches an awesome pokemon for his new team, has a nail biting action packed battle or go catches 3 or 2 for his Pokedex or they detail a game mechanic such as mega evolution and Dynamax or Z Moves. They even address old plot points like Lillie being on the trip with her mom and Gladio to find her dad. seriously this is gonna be the best series.

  2. Sun and moon was a huge disappointment. With xyz we finally had an ash who was cool and experienced. All of his experiences and journey led up to this point. Ash was at his best and if there was ever a time where he should have won the whole thing it was in xyz. But then they make sun and moon. They take ash who finally starting to show his experience and act his age and they basically recon and "reset" ash. Somewho was just seconds away from winning in the pokemon league now is going to school for how to be a pokemon trainer. Not only did they take away all the experience and character development of xyz and make him less mature, but this ash win the league, not the clearly superior ash from the previous season. Sorry for the massive rant but will say the only slightly redeeming thing about sun and moon was the Brock and misty episode. Edit I only watched the first season of Sun and moon

  3. i grew up with gen 1 but it should not be on this list, it has lousy gym battles and a weak league.

    1. Diamond & Pearl
    2. X & Y
    3. Sun & Moon
    4. Hoenn
    5. Johto

  4. I love to play again pokemon Diamond and Pearl and Emerald and ruby and Sapphire and leaf Green and Fire Red and Crystal and Gold and silver and Yand X for Nintendo Switch i love it's

  5. I stopped watching pokemon since the diamond and pearl ended. But recently this year, i started to watch pokemon again. Started with X&Y and i was hook with the pokemon series again.

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