TRY ON CLOTHING HAUL | Fall to Winter Transition


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Items Mentioned:
Fabletics- Link above!




Blue Sweater-



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  1. Hi Tess! If you want to wear suede booties in the winter just spray them thoroughly with waterproof spray, I do two coats and my suede booties are perfect even in the snow

  2. Hey Tess! First off absolutely love your vids as always thank you for sharing. One small ask moving forward – could you please include the sizes you wear in the description box where the links are? That would really help me understand the fit of it and determine what size I should get. Thanks so much!!! Much love from Toronto ❤️❤️

  3. Yes the H&M one is cheaper but you do get what you pay for and H&M burns their unsold clothes. I’m sure that coat will last you a lifetime. Kinda obsessed with the pink one even though I would have to save forever for it.

  4. Loved the haul, Tess!! This might be a weird question but what strapless bra did you wear in the try-on clips?? It doesn’t poke out as much in tighter tops!

  5. Honestly the thing I love most about your videos, Tess, is that they aren't full of jump cuts. It's so refreshing to listen to someone not only complete one sentence, but numerous consecutive sentences. I find it so frustrating when people chop a sentence into like six different cuts because they can't get it in one take or they have "weird" pauses or stutter…you know, normal human being stuff.

    Loved your videos for years ❤ You're my style icon and I absolutely adore your content. Favourite personality!

    Love from Australia xxx

  6. Well, h&m and zara clothes are more affordable because women and men that work in these factories are underpaid to say the least. So, I don't know if we should really mention the fact that they are more affordable clothes as a plus really.

  7. I reeeeeally missed your videos. It's so sad that you don't upload as much as you did the last couple of years 😢 I miss all the favorite videos and hauls and look for less..

  8. Okay I'm convinced you could wear a trash bag and still look better than anything. Some of these outfits/tops you wore look amazing, but if I tried it, I'd look like a potato.🙃🤣 Love you Tess💕

  9. Yasssss, I've been waiting for your winter try on hauls since it is getting super cold in Germany and I definately needed your inspo for new cute outfits 🙂

  10. I went to purchase the Fabletics leggings and when cashing out you have to sign an agreement which I didn’t want to do. This is never discussed. Do I have to do this in order to purchase the 2 leggings? I am older in age an wanted to get for my girls. Help!

  11. The Zara Ruffle Dress is gorgeous! But on the model on the website it looked very "cleavagey"! How did you not make it look so much like that?! Tape? Pin? Nothing? lol

  12. PLEASE tell us you're doing Vlogmas this year! It's been a few years since your last one and now since I feel like we all know your friends a little more it would be so much fun and entertaining to watch!

  13. Yes! Love your hauls 😘 I just got a sweatshirt from Zara & got a medium & I wish I got a large… I was shook by how small it was. I legit felt it could have been xs for a sweatshirt. Your awesome to point this out. And ahhh that revolve shirt is sooo cute. You crushed it

  14. Ok what kind of bras do you wear with these sweaters? Strapless? If so what brand!? I have SUCH a hard time finding a good strapless! 😓 love the video btw!! 💕

  15. I actually didn't know Reformation was sustainable, thats super cool. I just wish I could afford their stuff 🙁 it's just SOOOO expensive. I would even be willing to pay $130 for a sweater, but $200? Oofta, nope, definitely not on my non-profit salary haha


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