Try on Wedding Dresses with me! + WEDDING UPDATES


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Hello! I thought i’d take you along with me as I try on some wedding dresses. Now you shall wait to see my final creation after our wedding is over ;D The bridal shop I went to is called LUV Bridal. I just chose one that had a lot of dresses to choose from. I AM NOT trying to recreate any of these, mainly just needed to see what certain features looked like on.

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  1. The A-line dress looks gorgeous on you! And the flipbooks look amazing, such a great idea. Hopefully, you will be able to celebrate your wedding day safely, and not worrying about the coronavirus 🙂

  2. your wedding date is a day before my husbands birthday that’s nice and i’m very happy for you both congrats and also you look amaizng in all the dresses but the v neck style and sleeves is my fav style on you along with the last dress as well

  3. Omg April! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I cannot wait for what you come up with! And wow, the flip book idea is so cool and unique! So excited for you and Erik! ❤❤❤

  4. Wow, the off-shoulder straps look amazing on you! I'm also amazed by how lovely the deco-beaded fabric looked on you – by rights it should have swamped you, but it looked fabulous! You also look wonderful in the lacey fabrics. Hope you got some good inspiration from your shopping trip and looking forward to seeing what you create!

  5. I don’t get why wast time to even go to a bridal shop and try it on when you knew you’re going to make your own? One thing I hate the most is wasting someone’s time or someone wasting my time.

  6. not much of a sewing talent myself, but I made my own cathedral length veil for my own wedding. It was gorgeous, went wonderfully with my ballgown, and everyone there complemented on how beautiful it was. If an amateur like me can make a wedding veil, I don't doubt your own veil design will be even better!

  7. Με το καλό να περάσει όλο αυτό με τον ιό!!!
    Ήσουν πολύ όμορφη με τα νυφικά!!
    Το μόνο που δεν μού άρεσε ήταν αυτό με τα ξεχωριστά μανίκια, όλα τα άλλα σου πήγαιναν πολύ!!!
    Και εγώ παντρεύτηκα Οκτώβρη (29 Οκτώβρη 2005)!!
    Με το καλό ο γάμος σας!!!

  8. Και εμείς εδώ ( στην Ελλάδα) είχαμε αρκετούς γάμους και βαφτίσεις αλλά ή θα μετακινηθούν για αργότερα ή θα γίνουν σε πολύ στενό κύκλο ( γονείς – μωρό – νονά)

  9. Congratulations. You look so happy. I like the strapless ballgown best on you. Was not liking the illusion and nude bases on the chest and sleeves or the deep v necklines. I have to say you will save thousands making your own dress. I made mine (now 14 years ago, also petticoat, shoes, veil, and jewelry) and spent only about $100 on all of it.

  10. You should make one with a detachable skirt so you could have different fun look for your reception. 2 dresses in one!! By the way, the ball gown looked simply gorgeous on you!

  11. OMGOODNESS. You looked AMAZING in every dress. Thank You for allowing me to be part of this Exciting Journey. Im glad you were able to have that experience of trying on the dresses. Its also nice to see you both really enjoying your engagement. You are indeed an inspiration young lady. ROCK ON!😁

  12. Bridal fabric has gotten crazy expensive! I could easily see you in one of the mermaid episodes ones. I loved the long sleeved A line one. Then again I had a queen Ann neckline back in the mid 1980s.

  13. Been watching you for years here and there and I love your content especially when the final results are revealed with your DIY's..just random but I just figured out what "coolirpa" means "cool April" LOL.

  14. So excited to see the making of your upcoming dress! My bff's wedding got pushed too! Just means more time for you dress! Something i want to mention that's a big difference between a $5k dress and a $15k dress was that the $15k is usually one piece from top to bottom, whereas the lower price point dresses are more so are two piece with a seam around the waist. I hope with your magical sewing abilities, to apply the same one piece magic to your own dress! <3

  15. Can’t wait to see your process! I’m getting married in September and I would love to see a veil tutorial video! A dress may be too difficult for me but I would love to make my own veil

  16. Hey April!! First of all Congrats❤
    I am currently in the process of making my own wedding dress. If you want to, you can go to a thrift store or a consignment shop and gather your materials/dresses from there.
    I went to a consignment shop that was clearing out some of their inventory and have only spent $75 on my dress!

    Best of luck and congrats again!!!

  17. Wow, there are so many new ideas out there centered around weddings! I had no idea. The flipbook save the date idea, so cute and so clever!
    I know you’re making your own wedding dress, but there was one dress you tried on with the mermaid silhouette, lace overlays at the top on a sheer bodice… Oh Em Gee, it looked so sophisticated and elegant on you!!😮🥰💯

  18. I genuinely don’t know how I feel about this… if I knew I wasn’t going to purchase from these shops… I would feel bad going there and wasting their time on me when they could have spent that time with a client… 😭

  19. Oh boy!!!!! You can't look bad if you tried 😉. But here's my 2 cents worth …. I loved the style of the first dress on you….. The lace on the 2nd dress was to die for! The Gold on white seemed culturally fitting, if you get my drift. BUT!!! My fav fabric was the sheep/fan pattern… 😍 (Minus the detached sleeves …. Didn't care for those) The off shoulder straps were gorgeous too! Least fav shape was the ballgown … Altho the strapless tops look so pretty on you. I'm so glad you're making yours 😂 cuz none of them had "everything"

  20. Beautiful!!!!!!! I'm so excited

    I was wondering if you could do a new! Recycled Jean backpack, with the quarantine going on found some old Jean's 🙂 need some type of motivation in my life lol

  21. All of the dresses were really beautiful, I think the ones that suited you the most were the mermaid styles, with a more fitted silhouette. They showed off your petite frame much better. Congrats on getting married and hopefully you guys won't have to postpone. Love from Argentina!

  22. Man, it must be an interesting experience to try on wedding dresses and have them all be so big on you, that they had to be clipped in back! When I went for try-ons, they were all too small for me. I left discouraged and embarrassed because the stores only carried size small/medium of each dress. I ended up sewing my own dress, and it was the best decision ever. My dress fit me perfectly, in a beautiful ivory silk with silk tulle, and because I made it, it was less than $400. I wish more people knew how to sew so that bridal companies couldn't get away with the fat shaming and the exorbitant prices for cheap fabric dresses.

  23. Wow Hmong 🤩🤩 ok sis 👏🏻👏🏻 I’ve watched you since day one when you made your high school prom dress and did not realize you were Hmong ! Wow how amazing you are amazing April you hitting it big !!


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