Unhappy and unmotivated…


Have you ever felt unmotivated to workout? Have you ever just wanted to unfollow every “motivational” social media account because you are tired of seeing everyone hit their fitness goals when you can barely get enough willpower to get your butt off the couch? Have you ever gone into a binge eating episode only to finish feeling drenched with guilt? I have been there too. I get you. In this first episode of Dear Cassey, I am going to share my personal experiences with you and my advice for anyone going through these fitness struggles right now!

…and just so you know, Dear Cassey is an advice column that I started on my blog that I’m hoping will turn into a series on YouTube! If you have a burning question you would like featured in a future episode or blog post, please leave it in the comments!!

Today’s featured letter:

Dear Cassey,

I’m hoping for some advice or maybe just some feedback to help me with understanding my current situation and motivation. I’m overweight, and I always have been. I’m unhappy with how I look, and I hate taking pictures because I’ve totally let myself go (worse than I already was). I’m at my heaviest and know I need to do something about it… but for some reason, I don’t have motivation? I go to the gym and stop workouts early. I start workout videos and sit on my butt instead of doing the moves. I binge eat even though I know how bad it is for me…. if I’m so unhappy, why am I not more driven to do something about it? Where can I find some motivation? Right now I’m just finding all of the motivational accounts I follow UNmotivating and disheartening, because I see others doing it and putting in the effort, and I’m just not. What’s wrong with me?!

Unhappy and Unmotivated

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  1. I found I don’t push myself to workout at home so I got to the gym and just walk on the stair stepper right now that is all I do 6 days a week. I am working on adding in a day of yoga because I enjoy being flexible. Have something other than weight loss you want to work to it makes it more fun and less stressful.

  2. Dear Cassey,
    I've never been a fit person or a healthy eater, but 3 months ago I decided to make a lifestyle-change. At the moment, I'm doing very well: I've almost reached my weight goal, and I'm feeling stronger and healthier. I've had plenty of motivation so far (wedding next year, then starting a family), but I'm wondering what if the motivation ends somehow? Can a real lifestyle-change be based on motivation only, or is there a secret ingredient to it? 😀 I'm glad I've made it this far, and I don't want to turn back but I'm afraid that the "lazy me" will want to return one day… 😀 Any thoughts on this?

    Ps: I've used your workout videos to get in shape and I'm not gonna lie, I've yelled "why are you doing this to meee" too many times at the screen, but at the end, it was always worth it! 🙂 You've taught me to be positive and that everybody is different, so I have to do things that work for me. I never even understood the backlash you got for going on the 90 Day Journey. It wasn't like you said "everybody should be losing weight", you simply said: "here is what I'LL do so that I'LL feel better". What's wrong with that? Never understood… Keep up the good work! 🙂
    Best wishes,

  3. I feel the same way… always planning to get healthy and shed some kg.. but there is always something that stopping me to get going .. i blame it to my self cause i’ve lack of willpower and motivation.. or maybe because of my surrounding… either way i just don’t feel like myself anymore 😭

  4. That "finding your why" is SO important, and my mind went to the same place yours did when I read this person's message. If the reasoning for trying to work out is "I know I have to do this because I'm heavy"…that's not gonna be a very effective motivator. "I'm doing this because I feel like I have to" is not empowering! The person says they hate their body, and that might be at the root of them wanting to make a change, but self-consciousness and low self-esteem are also very rarely going to be effective long-term motivators. Almost anything that's focused on what you don't want or you don't like is not going to fuel you. You absolutely have to think about what moves you and drives you, and find an aspect of this new thing (in this case, workouts) that feeds into that existing drive. For me, I like the feeling that exercise centers me in my body and clears my mind. There are other non-exercise things I already do that accomplish that, but if I want to be consistently motivated to exercise, that's the "why" I have to tap into.

  5. I'm ADDICTED to sugar. I try to eat the healthy stuff (fruits, veggies, etc) and I don't have any particular dislike or disgust for them, but even after I eat some fruits or a nice, healthy meal, I find myself in a battle between my healthy self and my sugar self. I find myself reaching out for that cookie dough ice cream in the freezer. My sugar self always wins, even if I list out the pros and cons to indulging in my cravings. And they're not just a once-in-a-week type of craving—they're EVERYDAY types of cravings. By the end of the week, I know I've overeaten in sugar and not only did I gain weight, but I feel absolutely horrible. The worst part is that diabetes runs in my family. Thank goodness I haven't gotten there yet, but I'm terrified of getting there. Yet for some reason I can't let go of my addiction and it's killing me… LITERALLY. I don't know what to do. How can I rehab from my sugar addiction?

  6. Hearing that you once sat in the car and delayed going to the gym made me feel so much better about myself. There have been a handful of times I've done this. Got dressed, prepped my post-work out snack, got to the gym parking lot and just….didn't move. I couldn't physically bring myself to get out of the car. After 30 minutes of either playing on my phone or calling my friends I would call it and leave. My feeling of "Okay, I am not feeling it today" was almost immediately replaced with shame and guilt as I drove from the parking lot. Thank you so much for sharing that others, you included, have done this. This video was what I really needed today as I am Day #4 on the 28 Day reset but have been unable to schedule in time for the workouts. Hopefully this weekend I can start because during these pandemic months the stress of quarantine has severely impacted my desire to move. Before this I ran 1/2 marathons and ice skate three-times a week. I've been trying to do home workouts (your videos, my ring fit, I even bought medicine balls and gym flooring for my basement) and I just will sit there on the floor on my yoga mat next to the still boxed medicine balls and gym flooring. Thank you for your candor Cassey, it's really appreciated!

  7. I totally get the picture thing. Because I hate the way I look I won't be in any pics. But that means I don't have any record of these times. I try to look back and be nostalgic but I am no where to be found. It's like I am more invisible. And it's my fault all those memories are lost and I will never get that chance again, it's gone.

  8. I used to workout intensely, and also had a developed eating disorder.. within the last 2 and a half years, I went through periods of not being able to workout and began binge eating more (I used to be on the opposite spectrum of not eating enough). I hit my heaviest point like 1 and a half years ago, then yoyo'd around and lost the weight (I went from 140 to 230 to 180 in the span of a year and a half). I'm currently around 190, and I want to be stronger and feel better again. The weight loss is a nice benefit, but I don't want to restrict like I used to.. however, now my joints and bones hurt so much it's really hard to feel like I can be productive in workouts that aren't more on the low-impact side of things. I've been taught that cardio and extreme is what leads to results. My joints have always been bad (I dislocate them pretty often and have early onset osteoarthritis at 26). My motivation issues stem from feeling like I'm actually able to do anything productive, because of the pain that radiates in my bones and joints.. I want to be strong and feel like my body is more capable than it wants to be right now.. I want to be strong, flexible, and just feel okay in my own body again.

  9. i always always always recommend people who don't like working out to try swimming as a workout. it's great way to keep your fitness level! also, Cassey, 'eat the foods that make you happy" isn't really good advice for somebody with binge eating problems. I'm not overweight but i have always had like extra 5-6 kilos to lose, so i know that food struggles and when you let yourself eat whatever you like, you get out of it with extra kilos. i lost 4 kilos when i stopped and gained 4 kilos back when i 'felt like i needed some food'

  10. Dear Cassey,
    I used to eat so much sugar, but then I found your channel and started eating clean and excersising regularly and I felt amazing. After awhile tho I started indulging more and more to the point where it wasn't indulging, it was an eating habit again. And then I started skipping workouts and now I rarely workout for more than 5 minutes. I can tell the difference when I dont take care of my body, but that still doesn't seem to motivate me.Can you help me figure out how to get back into eating well and working out?
    Stuck in Old Habits

  11. Thanks for this video Cassey! As well as what you were talking about (which is super important!) I was also very impressed by your glowing skin in this video!- may you do a makeup routine? I hope everyone is ok ❤️❤️

  12. Love the message! And girl, you are NOT alone! Btw, I love her skin, so glowy! Can you do a video to share how you keep your skin radiant and what makeup you use?

  13. Thank you Cassey, I was procrastinating working out today, and as I went on YouTube and watched this video, I realized why; my reason for working out changed, I forgot that my original goal of working out was for my health. Now that I see my goal clearly, I'm motivated again to kick some butt(lol my butts gonna be kicked but whatever). Love you❤️ Haters hate because THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND AND KNOW YOUR INTENTIONS

  14. Thank you so much for these words ! I have had SO much trouble getting on a healthier lifestyle, I could relate to everything that person was saying and your advices were just gold ! I'm already feeling so much more motivated !

  15. Tbh when I feel very unmotivated I think of your videos. Those moments when you say "You're gonna feel amazing after" or "it's only 10 minutes but most people don't get out of the couch" it's really encouraging

  16. Guys, some tips: pair Blogilates + emkfit. Trust me, Emily is really fun. She does dance workouts and combined with Cassey's tonning, you get very good results and so mucj fun working out

  17. Today I was absolutely NOT motivated to do the upper body day. But I managed to do it. It wasn’t my best workout but I’m proud because I still managed to do all the exercices. Thank you for this video !

  18. It would be nice to make a video about the different kinds of possible whys but only focused on mental purposses and not the obvious physical ones to get some inspiration 🙂

  19. My advice for exercising: start with as little as 5minutes of movement- any movement that will make your body settle into a rhythm like walking, running or dancing to 1 song. Then do it again the next day, and the next. The key is to be consistent with it so you would want to do something that you know is possible for you to do everyday. You would want to set yourself up for success so you want something that you can do for the long term, and not for 1 week or 3 months. Gradually move a bit further as you progresses, maybe upgrade into a 15 to 20min workout routine or walk/ run for another mile or so. The goal is to establish a habit for exercising that you would not even ‘think’ about doing it but that it comes naturally to you- just like eating. 😉

  20. My advice for unhappy and unmotivated is: Change your point of view, e.g. start with calling yourself "future happy and motivated" instead of "unhappy and unmotivated"

  21. This was the video I needed to watch! You made me feel so much better about how I feel about fitness and working out. I’ve struggled with motivation in relation to working out for EVER, and I feel like this was the kick in the butt that I needed. Thanks so much Cassey for this video ❤️

  22. After a 20 lb weight loss and energy surge the past 2 months I've hit a wall. I'm physically exhausted and unmotivated to hit the gym. My body fat is at 15.6% and I'm wondering if that's the culprit. Could use some advice because I need some enlightenment.

  23. To experiment…

    And I'm giving myself a time to understand what's best for me and not. I learned I'm a lactose intolerant, I get palpitations when I drink coffee (which I drink most of the time when I started restricting that was 3 yrs ago), my body doesn't like sour fruits as it gives me like a hyperacidity feeling. It sucks when some people don't understand that you are trying to avoid those foods you're not allowed to. 😒 It gives me the feeling to be ALONE rather than being with someone bec I always think that they're judging me.

  24. Hi Cassey!

    Do you have any tips on how to have a good night(morning bec I'm on a shifting schedule) sleep? I'm finding ways to improve myself. I feel like eating before ging to bed makes me tired and wanting to sleep but I'm afraid if I gain weight 😔 sometimes my last resort is taking melatonin pills.

  25. Cassie is right when she says it's not fair to judge your body based on how it looks. Your body is a good and amazing, it's just not healthy right now. To take care of your body, it has to come from a place of love. Even when you are not feeling particularly motivated, that love will make you push through and take care of your body. You will create healthy habits and stick to them without giving them much thought, and then you won't need to be worried about not being motivated. Even when you don't have particularly great days, you will accept them and learn that they will not undo your progress. What helped me love my body was fitness. Even if I wasn't losing much weight because I was neglecting my nutrition, I realized how I was progressing in pole dancing and yoga and how I could do things I never thought I would be able to do by being consistent with my practice and giving it time. I was little by little able to implement new healthy habits and change unhealthy ones, and it has really made me come very far this year. It's a slow process but I plan on taking care of myself for the rest of my life.

  26. I agree with all of this! Let me add:
    1. Finding what motivates you is most important. We all have different personalities and things that motivate us. I, for one, find motivational videos either too cliche or unrelatable. But then again, I’m competitive so I am always striving to be better. Make your goal to be stronger, be more self-sufficient (i.e. with carrying things/all your groceries without help or minimizing trips), or to learn something new that will enrich your own life.
    2. If you’re hungry drink more water! I’m so guilty of this but it definitely kills the hunger cravings. Also, I find making your own food results in smaller portion sizes and/or better food choices.
    3. See if you have friends who have similar goals or desires and build each other up! Just being the inspiration for others can be motivating for yourself!
    4. As you work toward your goal, it’s okay if you have a down day or period or a binge day. Life happens. But remember what you’re working for and don’t let your problem define you. When you’re ready, just jump back into your schedule and don’t stress about making up days.

  27. Maybe the gym or the video workouts aren’t something you enjoy and are just something you think you “should” do because everyone says so. Find activity you actually like to do and it won’t feel like such a chore. Maybe you like going for walks, find a fun playlist or podcast and jam out to that while walking. If dancing is your thing, do that. No one says you have to do HIIT workouts or lift heavy, you have to do what works for you. And if you’re needing extra encouragement, try pairing it with a volunteer activity like walking dogs at a local shelter or helping to weed a community garden.

  28. Hey Unhappy and Unmotivated!

    Just want to remind you to make sure you celebrate the small things you do… even if it’s something like having one less cookie than you had anticipated. Sometimes we are just so hard on ourselves that we loose sight of the small accomplishments we make. Definitely give yourself time, just do the best you can right now (and I mean things that are little to no effort), and slowly you’ll get back to a place where you want to be. Hope that helps and take it easy! Much love!

  29. Dear Cassey,

    What's your suggestion/advice for living a healthy(ier) lifestyle for a nightshift worker? I'm honestly an early bird riser/morning person but given the current state of events of the world right now, I have to work nightshift (office work) 12AM- 9AM everyday 5 days a week to sustain our livelihood here at home. I really want to stay consistent, motivated, healthy and strong but I can't seem to do so since I always feel sluggish, tired, mentally foggy and sleepy as I have irregular sleeping patterns due to my body just hating sleep in the day time. I'm a dancer/choreographer so I try doing some dance activities on the weekends but i can just never keep the consistency because of my sluggish feeling from the lack of good sleep… any suggestions on what we could do? I'm sure there's a LOT of nightshift workers out there and especially here where I come from with all the call center agencies and BPOs. This would help a great deal for our community if you could give us a few tips.

    Thank you so much! Been following you since your early days on Youtube back in 2010/11 . Love your content and message and always will! Keep rocking life!

  30. I started working out again every other day ( for the past years and wont even last a month )
    Only my butt because i have been mocked, teased, reminded, and just people commenting about my flat chest and flat butt. I have considered plastic surgery but too broke for that. Now started glute Bridges but can get past 10 reps and i never done a second set.

    All motivational thingies I follow. Just don't work anymore.

    You made me realize that instead of aiming for a societally accepted female body, i should love myself for me. I should love my flat chest and butt. I should not give in to others opinion. I should work out for ME AND ONLY ME!!! Not because I just want to fit or want to avoid getting teased.
    I know this is not instant but realizing is the step that will push me to the goal ❤️

    I love you Cassey!

  31. To Unhappy & Unmotivated: Cassey was right when she said you should explore foods and workouts and find out what's enjoyable for you. When workouts and balanced diets feel more fun and actually add to your happiness, you'll find more motivation. Please don't let the negative emotions push you to work out; it'll never work.

    Also, being held accountable by a friend who's at a similar level in their fitness journey is very, very helpful. It's important to surround yourself with people who will encourage you with love and support and not bully/harass you with their own views on what an ideal body should look like.

    And finally, the best thing you can do for yourself is to love yourself as you are now. Loving yourself and your body doesn't mean that you can't or won't still work towards your goal. Look at yourself and know that you are beautiful, intelligent, talented and VALUED, and beauty (and fitness) comes in all shapes and sizes. Only then will you be able to take better care of yourself. You can't take care of something you hate. I hope you get happier and stronger every day. Good luck <3

  32. The gym is the most depressing place on earth to get fit. People always say go to the gym like they literally can't think of any place better to workout. How about outside, on a bike, etc? Maybe if you live in the Midwest the gym is your only option

  33. try getting out of your head. i could be some self-doubt because you think that after putting effort for so long it didn't work anyway so why is it going to work now? however, when you just make your mind up by telling yourself that "this is putting my health to risk and I am making the right decision", you might get a little bit of motivation. once you finally start to get ready to workout, decide what is enough for you. you should not go overboard because then you might dread your next workout. this is a lifestyle choice so take it slow. once you workout for at least a week or so, you might feel a little stronger and a little more accomplished. that feeling will surely drive you.

  34. Cassie you look amazing! Seriously her skin has such a great glow 🥰🥰🥰 loved the video think it’s a great addition to your channel and honestly I can relate to the persons question! Was sooooo motivated and driven and then idk this past year – quarantine especially – has killed my motivation and caused a lot of issues amongst my closest relationships! Has your motivation ever hit rock bottom and if so what’s your advice to get back up again? 🙂

    <3 cassie! A blogilates follower 8yrs strong 🙂

  35. I think Cassey said this so well. The sheer fact that OP is trying is an incredible thing too, and I hope OP isn't too hard on themselves for taking those first steps already. I hope they can take time each day to acknowledge, record, and celebrate new wins for themselves. That way, if they're feeling down, they can see their long list of wins, and that will help remind them of their strengths and just how amazing they are. Much love to all!

  36. I’m finally happy with how my body looks now after being consistent working out for almost 7 months. In the beginning I’ll workout everyday but now I just do 4x per week. I’m trying to focus on building my lean muscle mass and lose body fat. I don’t weight myself often because weight fluctuates everyday. Now, I can eat whatever I want because my metabolism have increased a lot than before (that’s the beauty of high muscle mass). But of course, be mindful and don’t binge eating everyday haha.

  37. 2020 has been a horrible year. Finally got my passport, was planning on traveling, something I've wanted to do since junior high school, and I'm now 33 years old. I started a workout routine, had more time for hobbies and studying languages, and did my best to make the most out the extra time instead of getting too sad when the virus hit and things went downhill. I was doing fine for a long time, but mentally it was starting to affect me, due to all the negativity and toxic people in the world. Yet, in the end the only person you can help or change is yourself, the other person needs to make the effort to do the same things. I went through a period of depression in waves when flights got canceled, toxic people and people just being obnoxious. I've never been a person who was into drama, so I stay away from those type of people like the plague, but they want to keep rearing their heads and try to bring you to their level. Long story short, broke things off with boyfriend, since he no longer was putting in effort, haven't studied in a few weeks, work was/is driving me up with wall, some family members still live under a rock about the virus and don't believe it and get mad that I don't want to spend time with them because of their risky behaviors. Breaking it off with boyfriend and traveling being postponed made me depressed for the longest time, but one thing I kept on doing was doing exercises, even if they were short sessions, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes, and making myself complete them. Not everything is controllable in life, but what you do with your choices and your body is. Hopefully I can come out of this quarantine healthier.

  38. Cassey, you are the only fitness channel that I have consistently followed for many years. You are so honest and real and the fact that you always encourage everyone to be strong and happy with their bodies rather than pushing people to be their skinniest. I love your channel and your content. Thank you for being you 🥺😊

  39. Over the time of covid summer and since i lost my job as a server in march due to covid, ive gained almost 40 pounds. Im unhappy with how i look and feel everyday. I want to eat healthy and i keep trying diets (not fads) but nothing makes me feel better about myself or help me lose the weight. Im just now starting a 90 day journey of my own, just to try working out at a gym often and to find a lifestyle that i can adopt to find balance in my life. Between my acne, weight gain, muscule loss, and overall unhappiness with how i look anymore im trying very hard to find something that works for me. How did you find something that makes you happy doing?

  40. I think it's very important to tell the writer to seek professional help with a good therapist. To me, sounds like depression, very possibly. I'd go so far as to say it's irresponsible not to touch on mental health with what the writer said. It may be far, far deeper than "find your why." There may be chemical imbalances at work here. Or childhood trauma that hasn't been processed, or any number of things.

  41. I feel this title on a whole other level right now! This is exactly how i've been feeling recently! I love your positive energy and advice Cassey! Ladies, we can do this! 💪🏻😍🙌🏻

  42. Dear Cassey,
    I used to workout a lot and actually enjoy it, but the last two year i stopped working out because of high school. Now I have finally finished high school and I have achieved my goal on getting to my preferable university. However it seems like i lost my good habit of working out and I don't feel motivated despite having specific goals for my body and free time. What should i do to start working out again on a regular basis?
    By the way you are great ☺️

  43. How many calories do u eat in a day???
    How many calories do u burn in a day???
    Me…i eat 1200 calories in a day nd burn 300 calories with walking and danceing…i walk 5000 step in a day 15 mnt dancing
    My all day activities are cooking cleaning house ….

  44. Reflecting on your mental exercise blocks is all well and good but, while you're chewing on that, why not take small steps towards a more active lifestyle? You don't have to turn your whole life upside down. Instead, use these resources to learn about simpler, smaller ways to start living a healthier lifestyle.

  45. I think the key is working on self discipline rather than motivation. On a long term fitness/health/weight loss journey, there is no way you will be motivated all the time. When motivation is lacking, that’s when you need to tap into your self discipline and get it done.

    I know this is easier said than done, it’s just what works for me. I struggle with procrastination at work and it’s helped me in that aspect as well.

  46. I did all of these. Still do. But I'm trying to find a calmer way to work out, (Jump roping and stretching are therapeutic for me) I started drinking more water (I'm less cranky) and I started sitting in the sun more. I know it sounds a bit vague, but just sitting in the sun ( not even working out in the sun) makes me feel less blue.

  47. It sounds as though you are suffering from mild depression and have disordered eating. If you are bingeing then it might be worth talking to your doctor about possibly having counselling to help with the underlying issues. At the moment you've setting yourself up with goals you can't achieve and that's making the problem worse. Motivational accounts aren't what they seem (I suspect most are run to make money and the people behind aren't as happy as they advertise), and I would find what is your motivation – so maybe someone plus size who does exercise and has the confidence you want. I would find exercise you really enjoy, I love pilates and yoga, so when I have a class coming up I feel super motivated to do it because I enjoy it so much. I tried HIIT the other day which I've never liked, and I just couldn't do more than ten minutes and then beat myself up about it. I did a yoga video instead and felt I was getting back in my groove. I think the problem is we are taught to 'crush our goals' 'shred' 'kill it' and never to do things that we really enjoy and are better for us emotionally.

  48. To Unhappy and Unmotivated, I felt the exact same way. Up until literally a few weeks ago, I didn't like the way I looked. I am also at my heaviest weight and it's really hard. But, I've found ways around it!

    For starters, I accepted that I don't want to work out lol. I find the value in it but sometimes I don't want to and I've accepted that! Sometimes I'll get a burst of energy and I want to do it because I really do feel great after! But start with something attainable. You don't need a routine right away and telling yourself that you have to have one and then not doing it makes us feel worse than just not doing it in the first place. At least for me, it makes me feel like I failed and I go down an even deeper hole. So, workout when you want to and don't when you don't want to! Don't feel like you have to do anything. Do it because it makes you feel good.

    To the other point, I found ways to feel good about my appearance that didn't involve my body. I've been doing cute things with my hair, with my makeup, and it honestly has trickled down into my body too. My other big tip: BUY CLOTHES THAT FIT!!!! Buy clothes that are cute and for your body in the present moment. Stop trying to fit into old jeans and spice up your closet! I am so cheap and hate buying clothes but it's an investment to help you feel good about yourself again!!! I'll never buy anything that is more than like $15 haha but give yourself a $100 budget or something that is comfortable for you and treat yourself to cute clothes that fit you well and make you feel good.

    My third and final suggestion is to figure out what triggers you. We have obviously been in quarentine for some time. I'm a college student and I have been at home for the last 6 months. I'm back on campus now and it honestly has helped me realize that maybe being at home wasn't good for me. My family is amazing, but I snacked so much and had so many sweets. I feel like now I am in control again and it is such an important factor. Find what is healthy for you and what maybe needs to be changed. It can be a big help.

    These are just my tips and what has helped me seriously just within the past couple of weeks!!! Your journey towards self love and acceptance shouldn't start with changing your body. It should start with you feeling comfortable and recognizing that you are human and our bodies change. Just know that you have to do it for you and only do it when you feel ready ❤️


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