What I Ate In A Week (Healthy Asian Recipes)


Who’s hungry? Time to dive into another week’s worth of meals, but this time all Asian recipes. We’ve got my usual fruit plates, nostalgic Korean dishes, and other Asian-inspired meals.


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  1. I really love watching these videos jenn 🙂 so many recipe ideas! I was waiting for some flaming hot cheetos to appear but then checked that this was a healthy what i ate in week (sigh) The pink eye make up looked so good as well 🙂

  2. JENN PLEASE tell me where i can find this white plate you used in the most meals (im from Brazil and i don't know the name of it) e thanks for the video you're my fav!!!!!!

  3. I got the hand food processor you got and was legitimately amazed that you made an omelette out of it! I would have never thought of doing that. It's hella smart bc it incorporates a lot of air into it hence why it's so fluffy. Definitely going to try it out tomorrow!

  4. You should try a week of cooking different plates from your followers. You probably have a lot of different cultures in your following. Could be interesting. Awesome videos and content!

  5. hi jenn!~ where did you get your hand-pulled blender? so neat! i def need that so i don't keep waking everyone in my household from their afternoon naps. (x

  6. Loved it! I can’t wait to try the sweet potato egg sandwich, and the kimchi noodles oh and the omelette ha ha. Can you teach us how to make the cabbage soup??? Looks delicious 🤤 Thank you great video!!!

  7. I must tell you my Korean food addict Cali vibe self is obsessed with your what I eat vids! Everything is so well edited and your enthusiasm is so cute and unmatched… also you inspire me to eat healthier (I def put more chives in my meals these days 😉 and got back to tofu)
    Keep them coming ❤️

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  9. Your videos are great and getting better with every time you post 🙂 idk why, but after watching one of your previous vids I thought Ben was vegan/ vegetarian. Does he eat meat now?

  10. Great video as always. Could you please look into doing a 'what's in my fridge/pantry' vlog? Would love to see all the different sauces, spices, condiments, etc that you use! TIA 🙂

  11. Just watching this fed my soul, lovely. Ordering some Hemp sees today, also you should get a potato ricer for making mashed potatoes. Doesn't take up too much space but the results are phenomenal.

  12. when your cantaloupe is getting way too ripe, JUICE IT!! Add it the melon, water and tiniest bit of agave or honey in a blender and it is literally the sweetest yummiest smoothie. Throw a couple of ice cubes in there and it will cool you down!

  13. omg i literally screamed when you started talking about song of achilles!!!! i NEED your thoughts on the book, it’s one of my fav books of all time 🖤

  14. keep doing these videos! im struggling to gain weight so whenever i eat, i watch food-related content to help me eat better! your videos make me eat a lot haha!!

  15. hi jen!!! really loved your vlogs .. ❤️ im also hoping that one day ull gonna open your doors to podcast.. im still waiting for u to atleast try in that area coz i loved your voice and how you are able to inspire others.. 😘😘 much love

  16. Jenn where is that large glass and straw from in the last part of the video?! I have an obsession with large glass cups!! Please do tell!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  17. Hi Jenn! Could you possibly film a video or two of some Korean recipes? I love what you make but also would love a bit more breakdown into the process! <3

  18. I couldn't find any good Korean food on the central coast where I'm currently quarantining. After seeing your video I realized how easily I could make Korean food myself. I taught myself how to make kimchi soondubu and dak gabli and sent the photos to my Halmoni and she was so proud of me ^.^ Thanks for inspiring me to cook Korean food for myself, Jenn!

  19. Tell me why I also found out I was allergic to figs that way. They were on sale at trader joes, and I had just heard someone talking about figs, so I figured it was fate. Had a fig, had a sip of wine and my mouth was ON FIRE. It took me til the next day to figure out it was the figs.


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