Why Disney Should Be Worried About Star Wars – Charting with Dan!


Dan Murrell and Roth Cornet discuss Solo: A Star Wars Story’s bad second weekend and more! Should Disney and Lucasfilm be worried about Star Wars and it’s box office future? We discuss on Charting With Dan!

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  1. The only reason I was ever on board with TFA and TLJ was because I wanted to find out what happened with Luke, Leia, and Han. I knew they wouldn't be the focal point of the story, but I'd hoped that they would at least honor those character's legacies. These new movies didn't do that, so I am done with them. Among my friends I was known as the Star Wars nerd. Not any more though. I don't appreciate the way those involved with TLJ have completely disregarded valid complaints raised by fans, instead choosing to attack us just because we didn't like their movie. Why would I ever give these people any more of my money when they've clearly shown that my opinion doesn't matter to them? They insult the fanbase and then expect us to keep giving them our money. You'd have to be an idiot to agree to that. There is nothing left to bring me back for Episode 9. As far as I'm concerned this sequel trilogy is not a part of my personal Star Wars canon. Episodes 1-6 are all that exist.

  2. Disney shot themselves in the foot by apparently not having a general plan and/or vision for the new trilogy. If they did, Last Jedi probably would've been better and not so divisive and wouldn't have turned so many people off from Star WarsπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  3. Life long hard core Star Wars fan here. I loved Solo and I HATED The Last Jedi. This really got me pumped for more Star Wars after I was angered and apathetic after Rian Johnson’s disasterpiece. I blame the flop of Solo on a couple things: 1 being released five months after The Last Jedi. 2 The Last Jedi backlash and boycott of further Star Wars because of the fan hate it started. 3 being released in May with so much competition instead of in December where Star Wars dominates. 4 no one asking for or wanting a Han Solo backstory film because they don’t want it ruined. 5 The director firing and reshooting drama. 6. Bad, recent, lacking marketing and ads.

  4. They should really think about dusting off some of the Old Republic novels. Darth Bane, Malek, Revan… why not even touch these. People are just Skywalkered and Soloed out.

  5. Perhaps Disney would have done to providie oversight over lucas films and not Greenlit everything. The last jedi did not felt like it had much conection to the the force awakenings even if you excuse it being a terible paced inconsisting movie that shits of what was established before. The real question is there a point to see ep 9? There is no storry worth watching at least for me. Ep7 wasnt good but set things up and gave us something to look foreward too. Ep 8 was a clusterfuck that destroyed anything that cames before including ep 7. Im not interested in a movie that trys to fix what was destroyed one exp before. Fans wanted to see a TRILOGIE with an overaching STORRY with INTERESTGING Characters. Thats were Lucas arts failed. 0 oversight and playing identity politics with tring to public shaming not only their fanbase but all that go agist their neo marxist idilogie does not bring peple in their movies.

    Marvel as a company is idilogically as bad nwhen you look at their comics but their Movie division at least UNDERSTAND that if you want to make money you GROW your fanbase not DIVIVIDE or worse tring to replace it…….they broght teh good stuff that had an universal apeal to the screen not bait their fans with Legendary characters and then shit on them to make their boring colorcoded excuses of characters look even remotely presentabble.

    You want to make your own stuff ? FINE!! Wile not everybody liked it Rebels showed that you can make origial characters that CAN stand on their own. Look at the old Republichj Kotor games adn the class storrys in the MMO RPG for inspiraions how to write and create good storrys and characters.

    People want GOOD Star Wars Movies.A Good Star wars move ISNT about repesentation! If Repesentation is all there is to character its bullshit. We do not care if a character is white or black or yellow. We care he or she is a GOOD Character within an INTERESTING storry. Look at Tawn from Rebelns . He is Blue and an Allien. He is a credible threat to the Rebels and to be feared. Overcoming him makes the victorys meaningfull. Now look at Rylo and Hucks …do you really think either is a competent comander??? really? If you think we buy tickets to every piece of crap just because it has a name on it you are sorly mistaken

  6. amazing discussion. great to see hear the differing reasons for Solo's failure and also the direction for Star Wars. totally agree with all aspects.

  7. It blows my mind that anyone would hire Benioff and Weiss after the way they butchered GoT these past 2 or 3 seasons. They are writers, not screenwriters and that painfully shows.
    But I have already come to terms with the fact that I will never see another Star Wars movie again, so what do I care.

  8. A lot of the social media negativity I've seen from "hard core" hasn't focused so much on Ryan Johnson as Kathleen Kennedy……and most of the hatred is right wing and bigoted….now in an ideal world you would hope these views are not widely held….but given who is currently your President I think these views are more prevalent than I would have hoped….and i think its Kathleen Kennedys departure they want far more than Ryan Johnsons…..although I'm certain they want him gone too.

  9. They should be worried, because Star Wars hyperinflation is catching up to the franchise. This, without doubt, is the most over-rated film franchise in the history of cinema.

  10. In a weird way. Star wars TLJ pulled a ghostbusters remake but after the actual movie release. So Solo is just suffering a knock on effect (which will also probably affect episode 9) the way lucasfilm and disney have handled the new films regardless of whether you like or hate them, they have shown they have not been responsible with the new trilogy, it seems like they had a cliff notes plan at best (Rian has clearly wiped the board of most potential plotlines.). TLJ brought the story to null. Now fans are voting with their wallets cause they don't feel like they've been listened to. Episode 9 may be the film that reveals just how much it has jaded the fanbase.

  11. I will never see any RJ film ever again, its that simple. And I won't go see any of the Disney SW films until they prove that they can make a really good one. Not bland and stupid like TFA, nor boring and unnecessary like Rogue One and especially not one of the worst movies I have seen like TLJ that not only is a terrible film on its own but it broke the rules of the SW universe and slaughtered Mark Hamill's fantastic Luke Skywalker from the OT! A character I have loved and admired for almost 25 years is now forever tainted by TLJ…

    I was already aghast at the stupidity of a Han Solo prequel, but seeing the trailers and having that shocking experience of Luke's character being assassinated, I simply cannot and will not see the Solo movie. I've read reviews and not bothered avoiding spoilers because the movie seems exactly as stupid as I expect it to be! The fact that his name is just given randomly by some guard… Jesus Christ. That alone make me hate this movie and just like TLJ did for Luke, it will forever taint the character of Han Solo and Harrison Ford's iconic performance.

    Disney's pathetic attempts at cash grabs are going to hurt Star Wars more than the prequels ever did, and that is something I honestly could not imagine when TFA was first announced. Get your shit together Disney, get someone in who can WRITE a fantastic and original script; that has to be your NUMBER ONE priority. You cannot survive another terrible story in this franchise .

  12. Star Wars will be dead unless it does these things:

    – Fire Kathleen Kennedy
    – Promote Dave Filoni as Head of their creative department
    – Officially announce the Kenobi movie with Ewan McGregor
    – Remove EA's video game licence
    – Replace Rian Johnson as director/producer of the new trilogy
    – Apologise to the fans for poor treatment. It's not OK to attack the fanbase

  13. Rain Johnson deconstructed star wars and solo was a better overall star wars movie then tlj but the fans have been burnt 2 already
    We wanted.Luke front in center amd you gave us not what we wanted and disney better hope that galaxy edge park is great cause ep9 I'm not gonna go see it the only thing that would bring me back to Star Wars and that capacity is if kylo and Rey turn to the dark side and end it that's it that's the only possible way I don't want to see kylo redeemed he killed Han Solo he ruined Luke's School I don't care about him I don't care about that girl either so there's nothing they can do are they going to bring back poor Billy Dee Williams and kill him too you can honestly tell that the people who made these movies did not love the movies that did not like or love the original characters of these movies because anybody who actually gave a damn about Star Wars or took some time to immerse themselves in the lure would have been able to write better stories and you wouldn't have this Division and they'd still be printing money

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