why I’m leaving the city life + WHERE I’M MOVING! | VLOG 22


today I’m finally dishing on my moving details! ❤
also we get up to some fun summer activities too.

I’m really excited to take you guys on this whole new journey with me. To think you watched me pack up my life and chase the city lights only 4 short years ago to now packing up my life to relax into a countryside life and soon start travelling the world with Benny makes me feel some type of way.
So much has changed and will continue to do so, since that’s the only constant in life, but I’m humbled and honoured to consider you and doing this a constant in my life too.💛
Thanks for coming along with me through all of my chapters. I hope you’re ready for a summer full of city vlogs because I plan to soak up every square inch of my first made home while I can ✨

my driving playlists:
summer drive – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6KyZQ4dUfIbhIqv6QaCTt9?si=8Mz8T98CTRiq5EafoF5J5w
retro cruise – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2UquSOtJtWVjy0oT6ZGsKo?si=jKjG5NjFTmGb4YI6u52HsA

here’s a virtual half marathon in case you feel like doing the same: https://www.instagram.com/togetherapartwerun/

vlog chapters 🌿:
2:00 – first top down in the Jeep summer drive
3:16 – Saturday morning coffee
3:50 – running updates + training for a half marathon
5:20 – sunshine Saturday things
6:11 – where I’m moving
7:30 – why I’m leaving Toronto

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  1. You will love the Ottawa area! I am so happy I left to go to school in Ottawa. It’s such a outdoor friendly city, cycle friendly, and yet still you can drive into downtown if you wanna get that city life. I am so happy for you😃

  2. So happy for you in many ways! I feel this will be a wonderful time of transition for you to get back to nature and find your roots while also helping your new family member grow and learn ❤

  3. I grew up in Smiths Falls (between Ottawa and Kingston) and it has changed so much over my life time. I feel so nostalgic going back now. Also, I really miss eating at Art-is-in, Grow Your Roots cafe and Pure Kitchen 💚

  4. I just want to say…the turn that I've seen in your videos in the last few years is amazing. You really have opened up and shared more of your authentic, vulnerable side and it just makes your videos so much more relatable. ♥️♥️🌲

  5. Im soo excited for you! And so trippy that I could possibly run into you, as I live in Ottawa and grew up on the outskirts of Ottawa in Rockland! Much love Kalyn!

  6. Hi Kalyn,
    I have never commented before but have been following you the last 5 (omg how time flies!) years. We have very different lives but it is unbelievable how many times we have arrived to the same points/decisions in our lives. We have just found our future home with a big garden after living years in the city, and girl I feel your reasons! My daughter is now 1 year old, and I am so excited to be able to show her more than just our tiny flat 🤗 I wish you happy moving and hope that you find your home in Ottawa which sounds a great place to settle down. Love you ❤️❤️❤️

  7. That's great happy for you. 🙂 We're building our small house in the countryside to be closer to nature, plant my own veggies etc. I can't wait to move in, hopefully next year on winter or autum. Also our big doggie would be happier. 🙃

  8. Soooo excited for you. Ive always wanted to visit Toronto based off all your videos and maybe in hopes to run into you somewhere. Lol ive been watching your videos for so long n you are growing n its amazing to watch!!! Blessings

  9. My mum grew up in the Ottawa Valley and some of my family is still out there. My uncle is one of the founders of White Water Brewing too, if you need a brewpub to spend some time at. And my Opa once owned a children's theme part outside of Renfrew called Storyland, my mum literally grew up on that property. I love the area and going back to visit (currently living in Victoria, BC). A great place, I'm happy for you Kalyn!

  10. Congratulations! This was exactly the reason why I moved in 2008: To be with my sister and little nieces. I never regretted it. I'm so looking forward to all your new adventures.

  11. Yay! I moved from Montreal to Ottawa last year for work, and shortly after my boyfriend did as well! We have been thriving here. Love the big city of Montreal, but Ottawa is a great place to live. Absolutely beautiful city.
    Where in Ottawa are you moving?

  12. Omg I literally did this 2 years ago! Moved from a big city to a much more rural place across the country to be near my sister & fresh baby niece 😍😍😍 definitely an initial adjustment but such a good decision you’re going to love it!

  13. Don't know if you'd see this, but I think crafting cozy deco stuff is something that would totally vibe with isolation and this channel. Idk, I like to listen to you talk when you're doing your bullet journal as well.

  14. Congrats on deciding to buy a house in nature and that you're going to be an aunt❤️
    Thanks for sharing the virtual half marathon, I am SO DOWN!!!! I have run one half-marathon and two full marathons, but I haven't done a race in about a year😅. Best of luck with your training😊💪🏻

  15. I was born and raised 20 minutes outside of Ottawa and it is an amazing place to be. I live in the city of Ottawa now, so maybe I'll see you around <3

  16. So happy for you, and Im glad you enjoyed living in Toronto! So sad your leaving because I also live in Toronto and never got the chance to meet you 🙁 But excited for you to start a new chapter in your life and of course for Bentley to run around 🙂 enjoy the last few months in Toronto, Love you

  17. I am so happy for you Kalyn. You are glowing in this video & it warms my heart. Like you, I have been on an awakening journey as well & it's accelerated in the past few months. I am also making changes in my life – getting rid of the old energy & bringing in the new. Wishing you much love & light in this new beginning for you. You will do amazing! 🙏🏻🧚♥️🔥

    P/S Bentley's adorable expression during the drive was heart melting ♥️😊

  18. I am so excited for you! My boyfriend and I are also making a move to a more county part Washington State! I feel like we are going on this move together!

  19. I grew up in the suburbs of a big city, and I didn't particularly love it. I moved to a small town when I went to college, and I absolutely love it! A very short drive and I can find the most beautiful places and just be away from people completely. There is truly something to he said for moving away from all the people and all the anger and miserable feelings of living in a busy area. I hope your move goes smoothly and you end up loving where you live as much as I love where I ended up!

  20. Currently live in Ottawa and grew up in the outer skirts of the city. So excited for you to start your chapter here and see it through your YouTube! Who knows maybe one day I’ll even pass you on the street 🤗 love you and your content (and Bentley) xox✨

  21. I moved to Baltimore after graduating high school after growing up in an extremely rural part of New Hampshire and everything you said about living in a city and having desire for country life, I felt that. I would drive a half hour to a trail north of Baltimore in the woods just for it to always be insane crowded. Today I ran on my dad's street and was the only one. I've been working out in the yard, reading outside under a tree, shopping at a grocery store that's half as crowded. My anxiety has just melted away.

  22. Ottawa is a gorgeous environment and it’s a slower pace of living while having so much opportunity, there’s still traffic lol but Gatineau park is half an hour away its a pretty nice city to settle down in ❤️

  23. I'm so so so happy for you!! It's my absolute dream to have a little farm house and a beautiful garden! I can't wait for all the moving content I'm so happy for you

  24. I am so so so happy for you and congrats on being an aunt! ✨ I‘ve watched you since your diy videos when you lived with Maggie and you have grown so much! I‘ll miss your pretty apartments but I am so excited for you and your house! 🥰

  25. I always like your videos even before watching. Sending you love from Dubai ♥ your soooo hard working. I find your content like pictures of your rooms from way back in 2015 as I go through wehearit, no matter where you are you will thrive

  26. Bentley closing his eyes as the wind hit his face was PRECIOUS! <3
    Also, weird to see my building in the background in a clip! lol I was totes also sitting in that park for hours that day!
    Good luck on your move! I grew up in Ottawa and I definitely miss the greenspaces and quick drives to all the cute towns nearby ( :

  27. The way of life is simple. The rules of change remain equal. It's just a state of mind that keeps you here. As if running on a treadmill.

    Sorry. I just love the book you are reading right now. This is a thought of mine that came from reading the first chapter.

  28. I feel this! My fiancé and I were talking about leaving Phoenix, Arizona and moving to Sedona. Can't resist the red mountains!

    Living in the city
    You forget how to breathe. 
    The nature breeze will remind you how.

  29. How long were living in TO? ……..I was there for 9 years and made the hard choice to be closer to family as well , GL, not going to lie, this video hit me alittle and when I first moved there I cried and when I left I cried even more! <3 to a new beginning!

  30. I totally teared up when you talked about how happy you were that you were becoming an aunt, and your reasoning for moving to greater Ottawa. So excited / happy for you!!!! (fellow Canadian here 🙂 )

  31. I grew up just outside Ottawa! It's a beautiful place and it's so accessible to go on those country drives. If you need some contacts, friends and ideas let me know!

  32. Good for you. I really like the country and you can drive into the city whenever you like. I gre up in the country and live in the city now but after a while the traffic, tons of people and their vibe tend to be stressful. In two years or before I am going to move to the outskirts and enjiy every moment. Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

  33. I saw your insta story, Bentley feeling the breeze in the car was the CUTEST THING omg, what a mood!
    Ahhh congrats omg you’re gonna be the best aunt 😭 💗

  34. I’m so happy for you Kalyn! Countryside Ottawa sounds a great place for you 🥳 Can’t wait for your documentary of moving and becoming an auntie!

  35. Wow babe I’ve literally never commented on a YouTube video before but I’ve been watching you for years and I’m going through this same struggle. To stay in London. To take a HUGE ($$$) job in Manhattan. Or move to Cornwall with my partner and dog and surf every day and teach yoga. you’re def making me lean towards Cornwall 🙈


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