Will You Go All Digital During the COVID-19 Quarantine?


Coronavirus is impacting our lives every day. Have your video game buying habits changed to mostly digital or will you still take trips to the store for physical games?



  1. I'm going physical as long as I can. If Amazon stops delivering, I will have to go digital for RE3, but I will definitely get the physical version later.

  2. The only time I’d ever go digital is when there isn’t a physical release or if the digital version is deeply discounted

  3. I 've been trying some digital games on my switch, and so far is working great, but it worries me that my sd may stop working, since i heard that sd cards weren't meant to be used like this: you know, getting info in and out of them so frequently. You can't expect this kind of problem from a cartridge, since they are designed for this use.
    Any opinions in this matter?

  4. To be honest, I don’t really care if I get it. Also I still buy physical copies. The other day I went to JB-HI-FI to get Animal Crossing so like I said. I don’t really care if I get it.

  5. I buy digital games when there cheaper because I can't sell the games after.

    If I can sell my digital games I don't use anymore, I would have no complaints about digital games

  6. Im 100 percent against digital gotta have physical but damn its risky nowadays i went out to buy to buy the
    AC switch doom eternal but i felt dumb after i shouldve bought food instead.

  7. It doesn't matter what people like in about 3 years time everything will be all digital because it is easier for publishers and they can make more money by not having to print a package

  8. Always purchase physical games and that's never change but I'm kind of worry for may 29th pre-orders for the last of Us part. 2 collector in eb games (GameStop) hope everything will be better til then

  9. At least i can play ff7 original whilst i wait for the remake in lockdown. Ive already preordered the deluxe edition and i want that sephiroth steelbook

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