WINTER TREND ALERT! What to wear this Winter


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| Mark 11:25 |

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  1. Kelsey talking about how she loves every season should be our everyday mood. Like just so happy and optimistic! This is what happens when you love Jesus and let him lead you

  2. Kelsey, could you please do a video of your favorite lip gloss? You've switched from matte to glossy look and I feel you have such good tastes in terms of lipstick colors I think it'd be great if you could do one!

  3. 8.30 in a morning,what time do you go to sleep and get up? I wouldn't be able to film at that time in a morning,I'm not a morning person 😂 & do you pay for your own food?

  4. U R adorable and you remind me of me when I was younger, said "like" like you do. Only my mom didn't like it, so she started echoing my "like" and I did not like that. So I don't say like much anymore 🙁 did you like my true "like" story?
    And yes to the closet essential video, please.

  5. I am legit laying in my white bed eating pizza watching this lmao but PLZ PLZ PLZ make a essentials for beginners !!!!! I am so into fashion but need a lot of help. 😅🙏🏼🖤🖤🖤


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