Xbox Won’t Have Series X Exclusives for at Least a Year – IGN Daily Fix


In today’s IGN Daily Fix, we take a look at what why Microsoft won’t have Xbox Series X exclusives for a year, and why that means Halo Infinite will run on your Xbox One and PC. Scott Derrickson splits up with Marvel Studios due to creative differences over Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness, and why the Resident Evil 3 Remake won’t have multiple endings.



  1. Well if new Xbox games can run on the older hardware as well, I’m glad that they’re not restricting them to just the new console… kinda like new PC games being able to run on lower-end PCs moderately well while being intended to run best on new tech.

  2. Xbox don't have much of brain despite being owned by Bill Gates. They had an excellent series in Fable and destroyed it. The first Xbox was the best and had exclusives you would want an Xbox for. They seem to be doing everything wrong for the last decade and now this, why would anyone want an Xbox over the PlayStation if there are no exclusives to be had?.

  3. This has to be a joke. Xbox One totally let me down…I’VE HAD THE CASH TO SPEND as I roam through the Xbox store to find a game for the last 2 years. Nothing but independent 2d games to buy. DONE WITH MICROSOFT. FOOL ME ONCE, NEVER AGAIN.

  4. ROCKSTAR could singlehandedly destroy Microsoft and make GTA 6 an exclusive. I really wish they would. I forgot how fun video gaming was until I sold my XB1 for the PS4. Sony all the way! Check the Xbox store for games and tell me I’m lying. 😂

  5. If the title said "All games for XSX not playable for XB1" people would be shitting on it. Bunch of whiney crybabies that cant think past a video title. It makes sense to allow your loyal fan base to play the new games before they decide to make the jump to a new console. Especially if you own a XB1X or a PS4 pro for that matter.

  6. And with this announcement Sony has just become my main platform. I own an XBox One, an S, and an X. I have zero incentive to buy anything on series X. Microsoft has had long enough to produce exclusives people want at this point, but they refuse. Day one will be PS5 all the way for me.I just hope Sony doesn't create another artificial shortage like they did with PS4 to drive up hype.

  7. ell me the different between saying openly no exclusives at first and others saying nothing but remaking (hd) some old stuff and selling it as new(sony did it a lot at the beginning of this gene)

  8. If Xbox Series X hardware and software is better than PS5 as happened with Xbox X > PS4 Pro… well I'll play Sony's exclusives on the PS5 but ANYTHING else which will be a big list of 3rd party games on the Xbox Series X.

  9. Whatever one has full backwards compatibility I'll buy first… buy FULL I mean everything!! XBOX, Xbox360, XboxOne. PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4.

    Whoever accomplishes this first will be what I buy.. regardless I think both will have crap launch titles.

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