Your Job Is To Like Yourself | May Vlog


It’s another introspective quarantine vlog! For this one, we bake a stellar sweet potato fudge cake for my dad’s birthday and I open up about how journaling has improved the quality of my life.


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  1. memory is the foundation of identity. 🥰 My Korean husband told me that the first half of life is about creating memories, and the second half is to reminisce. I think they link ! Thank you Jenn.

  2. Hi Jenn! May I know where you got the outfit you were wearing while cooking the eggs? It looks awesome! (both the outfit and the eggs haha)

  3. i really wanna try that cake now!!! and thats so true jenn we are and should be our biggest advocates!! i used to think that my life is only worth living if others think so and give me the validation. i was wrong! validation from others even if they can be encouraging can never be and will never be enough for us to live contented lives, it really is the self love that matters the most and what makes us better humans be it a better daughter, friend or lover and also what ultimately gives us the biggest drive to truly live and not just survive!!

  4. I don't have tiktok, but I actually have been following Nava Rose on youtube for a while for DIY inspo. It would be so cool to see you two do a crossover collab Anyways love your introspective content always. And Happy 60th to your 아빠!!!

  5. I’ve loved reading since I was small and I never had a time that I didn’t like it! Though I did find once I went to college it was hard to find that time to read as much

  6. I really like mental health advice channels on tiktok 😊 like health care professionals actually take time to make fun bite sized and good content on health in general

  7. When you said memory is key I cryed my mom has dementia and I wish she would have journaled so I could help her find her memory all’s we have now is false truth. I will definitely try this. I know later down the line I will reflect back on this time in my life. Love you Jenn 😘❤️

  8. Hello!!! If you’re interested in creating more structure in writing creatively I would check out “Writing Fiction” by Janet Burroway. On the other hand for more framework building I would check out “Writing About Literature” by W.F Garrett-Petts. Both are great ways to expand how you write!

  9. This video just took me back! The Bailey School Kids! Loved the series! Did you ever read A to Z Mysteries ?!

    Adore you Jen, I have been watching you for years.. come to NY 😞🥺 of course after all this is over. ❤️

  10. Great video Jenn 🙂 Especially when you spoke about the importance of self affirmation and not always expecting it from others, that really struck a chord with me. It's been difficult for me and I'm sure many others to affirm yourself during this time when we're being forced to spend so much time on our own and we don't have our friends/family around us to give us affirmations. I'm going to give it a go and start the 3 page journalling to help me off-load the thoughts that keep circling around my mind daily. It's interesting what you said about memories and how they make up our identity as I've recently been thinking a lot about why I find it so easy to recall all the negative memories from my past and struggle to remind myself of all the amazing memories I've made. So my idea is to write down all my best memories I've had and to look at them whenever the recurring negative memories creep in because I am usually someone with an optimistic outlook but with so much time to myself now its hard not to get caught up in the negative thoughts/feelings and I don't want them take over who I know I really am.

  11. Jenn, it’s always great catching up with you. I used to journal pretty much everyday in my teens and that’s stopped in my 20s. I guess life gets so busy. Lately, I’ve been struggling with remembering simple things. You reminded me that writing does help the memory, even just to brain dump can improve retention.

  12. Love that you're enjoying the masterclasses and this reminded me I want to take notes on The Relationship Podcast I've been listening to lately. Also, I have a time limit setting on my Tiktok app so my phone lets me know when I've been on there for thirty minutes. I wonder what a video would be like if you did "Instagram/Youtuber/"Influencers" made me by ___" cuz it seems to happen a lot where you see someone use something and you end up getting it (or at least that what it seemed like in this vlog) lol

  13. Hiii Jenn! I super enjoy watching your videos like this especially the ones I can really relate to. Love your style and being so well spoken. It attracts me to start reading myself to enhance my vocabulary. Love you!

  14. Wow, can’t express how much this has motivated me. I’ve been feeling pretty down and uninspired. I live by myself and quarantining has been hard. Thanks for this video and how it’s made me feel.

  15. Hey Jenn, I’ve only got through 7 minutes of the video so far but your thoughts on journaling resonates with me a lot. I have been journaling since I was in primary school but they always got read by my parents and that was scary for me. Now that I’m older I can finally trust my parents not to read my private thoughts but over the past 3 years, about 5 journals including the one I have now have all been repetitive on negative thoughts dumping on page after page. It’s not healthy and I’ve noticed even though a something happens to me, I always end up writing up to a point where I blame myself and my conduct just me. I always write out crazy to do lists for myself which I never get done because after all that dumping I need a million and 1 things to get done to make myself feel better. I still journal that way but I think it’s important to be kind to yourself. I’ll write down some silly affirmations as I am towards the end of this journal 😋 hopefully it’ll get better. I think I should write my pages in the morning rather than the evening as well as I tend to do that. I manage to start my day well, but by the middle of it I’m pressuring myself to get too much done it just depresses me into writing what a failure I am. And these are all repetitive even from 2/3 years ago, my negative thoughts are word for word the same somehow. Thank you for your thoughts on this as I can’t afford therapy right now and journaling helps contain my emotions. Okay now I’ll watch the rest 😌🥰

  16. I was curious if turning 60 in Korea was a big deal, so asked my mom if turning 60 in Korea is a really big deal and I'm not sure if you know this, but she said it was but a long time ago, not so much anymore!

  17. Junie B. Jones was the first book series I would read. I hated reading (because we always read out loud in class and I had a stutter) and when I found that book series I read them all in like 5 months.

  18. This video could not have come at a better time. These past few days I've come to the striking revelation that a lot of my depression and anxiety stems from self-loathing. I need to forgive myself for the mistakes I've made in the past and learn to love myself more.

  19. i have some tik tok recommendations for u!!
    @nataliaseth does really cool & fun self-portraits and makes tik toks out of them
    @aureareadykids makes unique diy & upcycled clothes
    @twaydabae does vietnamese/south-east asian cooking!
    @kreftscouch is a psychologist who does therapy-esque videos that i find very insightful and comforting

  20. my piece of caring advice to my close friends just got manipulated by them and it was just heartbreaking and disappointing; i never meant to hurt or offend anyone. i just stand on what is right to do and im not guilty to do that because i care about them. well, i guess we just cant control what people will think and how they take in my words. however, coming to this vlog today really gave me a big hit to just affirming myself instead of waiting people to do that. thanks jenn! ♥️

  21. Happy birthday to your father, the last part in this vedio, about the tick tok. it's a new platform, and I find it kind of wast time, so I rarely open it. and I cant grow up if I spend more time on it.

  22. This is so timely for my birtbday today. I've been way too anxious lately and watching your videos helped me ease my anxieties and remind myself that I'm good enough. So thank you, Jen! You've been such an inspiration to me ever since. 😊

  23. Gudetama!!!!
    Love the writing part Jenn, i don't affirm myself enough through writing so i guess i need to start doing it. ❤️
    Also am i the only one who don't have a tiktok? Haha i don't understand that app. Its so overwhelming. Haha.

  24. I love love love this vlog, Jenn. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and consciousness with us! The part about reading & writing really resonated with me – I've always been an avid reader and used it as a form of escape. The comment you made about struggling with finding a 'point' to your writing hit me too – I used to have the exact same problem in high school! I remember my English lit teacher always grading papers that I thought were AMAZING with such a mediocre grade – but it all came to lacking a thesis. Thanks for helping me see how much I've progressed since then too!!
    Can't wait until your next one

  25. Why did u do the Clorox add when they are soo not cruelty free?? 😢 I’m sure it was hard to resist the huge $$ but even dogs are used in those animal tests. Watch Animal People on Netflix for great info on this industry…

  26. The eggcooker is a normal thing in Germany, I can't believe you don't have that in the States or rather it's not a common tool to use 😂😅


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